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The cosmetics industry in Taiwan is faced with many challenges relating to the business environment in which it operates, particularly with regards to differences between the European and Taiwan business and regulatory environment. Some specific challenges and gaps arise after Taiwan promulgated the new “Cosmetic Hygiene and Safety Act” in May 2018, including matters related to:

  1. Implementation timeline
  2. Labeling & packaging requirements
  3. Rule on advertisement and product claim
  4. Natural and organic cosmetics

Inspired by the successful work carried out by the ECCT's secretariat and other industry committees, together with positive learnings from the EUCCK (European Chamber, Korea) Cosmetic Committee, some members have approached the secretariat to ask for its support in exploring the interests and benefits to existing ECCT members as well prospective member companies to establish an ECCT Cosmetics Committee.

Committee Co-chairs

Ms. Kathy Chen

General Manager

Clarins PTE Ltd., Taiwan Branch

Ms. Eva Leihener-Stefan

Managing Director

L’OREAL Taiwan.

Committee Dedicated Staff

Page Tsai

Cosmetics, Medical Device, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare Enhancement Committee Officer

Tel: 886-2-2740-0236 ext 228