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The Beverage Alcohol committee focuses on three key areas affecting the industry, namely:

  1. Establishing a fair and reasonable regulatory environment that allows for healthy competitive and developmental opportunities for European entities.
  2. Promoting effective consumer health protection mechanisms for European imports that can ensure traceability, clear labelling of contents and accountability of importers.
  3. Supporting the awareness building of responsible and moderate consumption of alcohol through affiliated establishments.

The committee also attends to issues such as customs inspections, labelling regulations and trade dress violations, particularly in terms of European geographical indications. The committee meets with government agencies to discuss, clarify and resolve outstanding industry issues.

Committee Co-chair

Jeff Wu

Managing Director

HEINEKEN Taiwan Co., Ltd.

Steven Parker


Prestige House

Committee Staff

Meredith Sun

Committee Affairs Officer

Tel: 886-2-2740-0236 ext 219