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  • European Economic and Trade Office

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    Established in March 2003, the European Economic and Trade Office (EETO) is the representative office of the EU in Taiwan.

    EETO's mission is to strengthen the bilateral trade and economic relationship, to enhance policy cooperation and to promote the EU visibility in Taiwan. The Office works closely together with the 16 EU Member States offices in Taiwan, third countries, EU business, Taiwanese authorities and civil society groups.  Major areas of interest to the EU concern the implementation of Taiwan's WTO commitments, the facilitation of bilateral trade by reducing non-tariff barriers, unnecessary bureaucratic procedures and promoting international standards as well as the development of new economic areas for instance in the area of digital industry, smart machinery and green energy. EETO is also engaged in the promotion of human rights, fight against climate change, environment and circular economy, science and technology cooperation, as well as education and cultural exchanges. The Office publishes once a year a brochure on the EU-Taiwan relationship.

  • European Union Centre in Taiwan

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    For the purpose of encouraging studies of the European Union and academic and civil society exchanges and cooperation globally, the European Union (EU), in 1998, began establishing European Union Centres at prestigious universities in developed countries around the world. There are currently 32 such centres around the world: 10 are located in the USA, 5 are in Canada, 4 are in Japan and Korea, 3 are in Australia and Russia, while New Zealand, Taiwan and Singapore each hosts 1 centre. Despite variations in name, each centre is formed with a mandate from the European Union and not only acts as a platform for exchanges and cooperation within its host country, but also creates linkages among other such centres to establish global and regional networks to support EU Studies.

  • European Business Organisation

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    The EBO Worldwide Network stands as the sole organisation representing European business interests in markets outside the European Union. It represents a network active in over 35 key markets that serves European multinationals, as well as micro, small, medium and large enterprises. European chambers of commerce and European business associations within the EBO Worldwide Network work on a daily basis with European Union delegations across the globe in the shared interest of supporting European companies.

  • Taipei European School

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    Taipei European School is one of a kind, being the first school to have French, German and British curricula running parallel and intertwining. Being situated in Taiwan, TES allows students to also experience and embrace a culture and history outside of Europe, truly enabling them to think globally. TES is a model for the future and a great representation of the importance of common values and collaboration in a diverse international world.

    NOTE: The ECCT is often asked by member companies to help secure placements at TES. For the reasons listed below, please note that the ECCT is unable to assist or influence the TES admissions process.
    TES applies an admissions policy where certain categories of applicants are given priority. For further details please see the Admissions Policy Issue.
    The school also has a sophisticated assessment process, which includes language assessments, cognitive ability tests, subject assessments (at secondary and high school levels), SEN assessments, an interview or a class tryout. Infant-aged children are assessed in the classroom during a class tryout session. For more information and full details about admissions, please see the Assessments.
    For further details about TES, please contact the school directly.
  • La French Tech

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    Accredited by the Mission French Tech (MFT) in 2016, La French Tech Taiwan is a non-profit association led by tech entrepreneurs and enthusiasts. It aims at linking France and Taiwan startup ecosystems through three main actions: Talent, Market Access, and Open Innovation. La French Tech Taiwan's mission is to significantly increase the cooperation between actors of innovation by fostering France and Taiwan's new technologies development and promoting France's attractiveness to Taiwanese startups.