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I. Event sponsorship
Every year the ECCT hosts many of events, many of which offer attractive sponsorship opportunities.
Europe Day Dinner
  • Highest profile annual event, featuring the president of the RoC and around 700 guests
  • Unique opportunity to promote brands to business and government leaders
  • Large media presence and media exposure


The annual Europe Day Dinner is the ECCT's most high profile annual event, which attracts over 700 distinguished guests from government and industry. Held in May every year to celebrate Europe Day, the ECCT invites the RoC president, senior cabinet officials and business executives from Europe and Taiwan to the dinner.


Given the presence and speech of the ROC president, who shares the stage with the head of the European Economic and Trade Office and the ECCT chairman, the event attracts a large media presence and generates considerable media coverage and exposure for sponsors.


The dinner provides a unique opportunity for sponsors to promote their brands and raise their profile among Taiwanese and European business leaders as well as senior Taiwan government officials.


For sponsorship opportunities, please contact Marketing, Event & Sales Director, Kimi Kan:

Gala Ball
  • Highlight of Taipei's annual social and entertainment calendar
  • Large audience of business executives and socialites

The ECCT's Gala Ball ranks among Taipei's premier social events and has won a reputation for being the highlight of Taipei's annual social calendar. It offers a superb mix of cuisine, beverages and entertainment, along with the fun of a dance party.


For sponsorship opportunities, please contact Marketing, Event & Sales Director, Kimi Kan:

Premium Events

The ECCT's Premium Events feature prominent guests, keynote speakers, community leaders or panellists from government, industry or academia to address members on important or pertinent topics of interest to members. Given the prominence of the Premium Event brand, these events provide opportunities for exclusive sponsorship for a very targeted audience related to the speaker and topic. Sponsorship packages can be tailored specifically for each Premium Event.

IIDigital marketing

As the largest and principal organisation promoting European business interests in Taiwan, representing over 1050 members from over 450 companies and organisations, the ECCT is uniquely placed to reach both a global and local audience on all issues concerning European business and doing business in Taiwan. After 30 years of promoting trade and business ties between Europe and Taiwan, the ECCT has developed a reputation as being one of the most successful and professionally-run European chambers globally. This makes the ECCT the go-to source for all matters relating to European business in Taiwan.

ECCT website
  • Top-ranked website in global search results for European business in Taiwan
  • Important reference for corporate and government leaders on advocacy issues and position papers
  • Membership directory of all major European corporations, institutes and trade offices in Taiwan


The ECCT's website consistently ranks first in online searches on the topic of European business in Taiwan. Since the ECCT is the principal organisation promoting European business interests in Taiwan, the ECCT's website serves as the primary point of reference for corporate leaders on all matters related to European business and advocacy issues in Taiwan, especially the chamber's position papers, which are published on the website.

The website's membership directory is the most comprehensive source of European corporations, trade offices and NGOs available in Taiwan. Besides offering information about the chamber, its committees and members, the website is frequently updated with reports on its activities including government visits, conferences, seminars and other events featuring prominent speakers, outings and publication launches.


The following sponsorship opportunities are available:

  • Banner advertisements or logos with embedded links to sponsor's desired website
  • Online Membership Directory advertising
Promotional emails and social media
  • Promote special offers and launch marketing campaigns to the ECCT membership.
  • Sponsorship of event invitations
  • Facebook posts
  • LinkedIn posts
Promotional emails

Given its exclusive membership of senior executives from multinational corporations operating in Taiwan, promotional emails to ECCT members offer a unique means to send targeted and time-sensitive marketing and advertising messages.

**Special discounts are available to ECCT members.