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The ECCT’s Family Friendly Alliance (FFA) was established in 2022 as a platform for collaboration among various stakeholders to address the challenges resulting from Taiwan’s low birth-rate and ageing population. The alliance was created in recognition of the fact that Taiwan has one of the world’s the lowest birth rates and a rapidly ageing population, which can only be addressed through partnerships between relevant private and public organisations.

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Since Low birth-rate is a unique and critical sustainability issue for Taiwan, the mission of the FFA is to cooperate with the government, medical professionals, research institutions, NGOs and other stakeholders to find and promote solutions to support a healthy and sustainable population development, in particular, falling birth rates, an increasingly ageing population, and to create a family friendly environment in Taiwan.


The link between population and sustainable development
Taiwan's birth rate has been sharply declining for the past 70 years. Today, the average birth rate is 1.05 children per woman, which is much lower than the fertility replacement rate of 2.1. The decline in the birth rate has resulted in a shrinking labour force, an increase in the ageing dependent population, rising healthcare costs and a mounting public service burden, which will further impact the overall economy. The reasons for low fertility are very complex and involve aspects of social economics, healthcare, culture among others.


Based on the United Nation's goals to promote human progress and sustainable development, the FFA aims to partner with foreign and local industry players to create family friendly workplaces, advocate relevant policies to address low fertility & ageing to realize a future of population sustainability, talent sustainability, enterprise sustainability and economic sustainability.


Family friendly workplace to support family building and talent acquisition
The alliance will urge the employers to take actions and commit to creating Diverse Equitable and Inclusive (DE&I) organisations and family friendly workplaces to help their employees to maintain a better work-life balance, which will help corporations to, attract and promote talent, improve their corporate image, and promote enterprise sustainability. Recommended actions, for example, include more flexible working hours and working patterns, providing fertility subsidies, childcare subsidies, family care leave, IVF treatment leave and relevant supportive measures and policies.

Among other activities, the FFA conducts research, organises workshops, seminars and forums and shares information on subjects including reproductive health, IVF, maternal and child health, disease prevention, vaccination, nutrition, healthy ageing, and showcases best practices that support work-life balance, such as flexible working and workplace policies, childcare, aged care and parental leave.


The alliance has set up working groups focusing on:

1. Family planning & healthcare awareness promotion

2. Cross industry family friendly workplace best practice sharing

3. Population sustainability policies advocacy

ECCT Family Friendly Alliance partners with multiple stakeholders such as government, industry, academia, medical experts and non profit organisations to advocate for:
- Population Sustainability issues including low birth-rate and demographic challenges should be positioned as Taiwan's National Sustainability Priority.
- Family friendly corporate and government policies for the workforce and workplace to develop and retain talent.
- Support for pregnancy, childbirth, childcare and aged care.
- Advanced healthcare service management and payment reforms to reduce the disease burden and improve health outcomes.
- A future-ready vaccination ecosystem and innovative medicine to tackle the impact of Taiwan's ageing population and low birth rate.

The FFA Co-chairs

Ms. Cindy Chen

Regional Head

The Adecco Group Taiwan & S. Korea

Mr. Saxon Chen


H2U Corporation

Committee Staff

Ivy Lin

Cosmetics, Medical Device, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare Enhancement Supervisor

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