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Meeting with Premier Su

A delegation of ECCT board directors and committee co-chairpersons led by Chairman Giuseppe Izzo and CEO Freddie Höglund visited Premier Su Tseng-chang and senior cabinet officials at the Executive Yuan. At the meeting Chairman Izzo presented a brief update of the chamber after which fellow directors and committee co-chairpersons engaged in detailed discussions on topics of relevance to ECCT members related to mobility and electric vehicle infrastructure, renewable energy policy, equal treatment of foreign residents in Taiwan, labour law reform and ways to attract foreign talent, among other subjects.

Besides the chairman and CEO, the delegation included Vice Chairman Erdal Elver, Treasurer Olivier Rousselet, Executive Director Bart Linssen (who is also co-chair of the Wind Energy committee), Director Jan Hollmann (who is also co-chair of the Mobility committee), Tim Berge, co-chair of the Better Living committee and Howard Shiu, co-chair of the Human Resources committee.