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ECCT Members' Forum on Facebook

Dear ECCT Members,

We would like to remind you about our Member's Forum on Facebook aimed at enhancing the exposure and reach of the European business community on social media.

ECCT members are invited to submit articles of general interest to the European business community in this regard. In particular, we welcome news articles about company CSR, community, company anniversaries, educational, environmental and other non-commercial activities as well as announcements of leadership changes (top country level), new store or office openings etc.

From our European Trade Office members we welcome articles about cultural, educational and environmental activities and exchanges.

By increasing information sharing about European business and community activities on social media our intention is to increase exposure and awareness of the collective positive impact of the European community in Taiwan.

Please note the following guidelines for submissions:

*Articles and videos may be submitted in English or in Chinese
*Articles should be no longer than 500 words
*Videos should be no longer than 30 seconds
*Advertising & promotional material will be limited. For unlimited advertising & promotions please contact ECCT Marketing Director Ms Kimi Kan at
*No content of a political nature will be considered
*No content that could be perceived as discriminatory or offensive will be considered

If you would like to submit an article or video, please email the content file(s) together with a short description to . When submitting material by email, please put "Members' Forum" in the subject line.

The selection of content and the frequency of postings is at the sole discretion of the ECCT. The ECCT reserves the right to modify the guidelines at any time without prior notice.

We look forward to receiving your posts.


Freddie Höglund 何飛逸
CEO 執行長
European Chamber of Commerce Taiwan