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Visit to the Department of Labor


The ECCT paid a visit to the Taipei City Government's Department of Labour where CEO Freddie Höglund and Human Resources committee co-chairperson, Howard Shiu, met with the commissioner of the Department of Labour, Chen Hsin-yu, and other officials. The purpose of the meeting was to propose solutions to labour issues, such as those concerning working hours, attendance records and occupational injuries involving remote workers during the Covid-19 pandemic, and the ECCT's proposal to establish a new category of worker (for legal purposes) that is between an employee and an independent contractor. At the meeting delegates also discussed some interpretations of Article 84-1 of the Labour Standards Law (LSL) that may be of interest to the ECCT members. In addition, city officials specified clearly how department stores can adopt shift work schedules for clerks in accordance with the LSL during anniversary sales.