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Visit to CPC Chairman and Fulin station

The ECCT visited CPC’s Fulin Station (台灣中油福林站) in the Shilin District and held a meeting with CPC Chairman Lee Shun-chin (台灣中油董事長 李順欽) at CPC’s headquarters in Taipei. The visit and meetings were arranged by the ECCT’s Low Carbon Initiative in order to get a briefing on CPC’s plans to develop infrastructure and services for electric vehicles (EVs). Fulin station is CPC’s first station to offer a range of charging for various EVs, including passenger cars and Gogoro scooters as well as EV rental services. The ECCT delegation was led by ECCT Vice Chairman Giuseppe Izzo and CEO Freddie Höglund and also included Eric Yu, LCI Vice Chair (余泳濤 低碳倡議行動副主席); Jennifer Wang, LCI Vice Chair (王秀雲 低碳倡議行動副主席) and Sammy Su, ECCT LCI Director (蘇冬蘭 低碳倡議行動總監).

During the visit to Fulin station, visitors were given a briefing Chu Chui-xing, Deputy CEO of CPC (油品行銷事業部 邱垂興副執行長) on Fulin Station’s intelligent parking space management platform, CCS1 and CCS2 EV chargers, electric scooter battery swapping station, as well as convenient services offering to the EV and E-scooter drivers, such as car washing, car-sharing, iRent and Zipcar, Udrive, and CPC Cup&Go. coffee shop. In the future the CPC station will also include the EV tire and repair services.

According to CPC, at least 22 stations with EV charging facilities will be completed by the end of 2022. The firm has also signed partnership agreements with Carrefour, City Parking and convenience store chains and aims to build 80 stations between 2022 and 2024.  

At the meeting with CPC Chairman Lee Shun-chin, ECCT delegates discussed issues including EV charging and energy storage at CPC stations and hydrogen development in Taiwan. Besides Chairman Lee, the meeting was also attended by Fang Jenn-Zen, President (方振仁 總經理); Liao Hui-chen, Vice President (廖惠貞 副總經理); Chiu Chia-shou, Vice President (邱家守 副總經理); Frank Tang, Director of the Department of Planning (湯守立 企研處處長); Hou Ling-wan, Director of the International Affairs Division (侯玲婉 國際事務處處長) and Yang Han-tzong, Director of the Department of Environmental Protection and Ecological Conservation (楊漢宗 環境保護及生態保育處 處長).