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LCI New Member: Chang Jung Christian University 長榮大學

In pursuit of the spirit of "holistic education", Chang Jung Christian University (CJCU) shoulders its social responsibility to higher education and realizes this concept through action with local communities, ecological environments, and many international communities to achieve its goal of a sustainable campus.

Nearby the Erren River, CJCU has been devoted to river conservation since its establishment and has actively developed the concept of a "waterfront university". CJCU has promoted kitchen waste and water resource recycling, increase green space, and environmental education on campus. CJCU won a “Silver Award” and a "Green Action Award" in the 2020 Annual Enterprise Environmental Protection Award (AEEPA) of the Republic of. China (ROC), and in 2021 CJCU received "Green Leadership Award in the 2021 Asian Responsible Enterprise Awards (AREA)". 

CJCU has also actively participated in the "International Jane Goodall's Roots & Shoots Eco-center" program, which is promoted by the International Jane Goodall Institute and CJCU established the International Jane Goodall's Roots & Shoots Eco-center on campus in August, 2016. Later, the Bachelor Degree Program in the International Program for Sustainable Development" (IPSD) of CJCU was set up to recruit international talent to promote sustainable development by utilizing local resources. 

The IPSD of CJCU has recruited 84 students from eight countries - Arabia, Burundi, Uganda, Tanzania, Eswatini, Italy, South Korea, and Bangladesh - for four consecutive years. Different from traditional university lectures, the Program mainly teaches students through hands-on learning to allow students to have more opportunities to connect with diverse cultures and care for environmental protection in various regions. Students are inspired by the world’s natural environment to look for solutions and cultivate environmental caring abilities and international mobilities. 

CJCU’s sustainable development goals are to create a “sustainable campus” and "social responsibility" to "develop a Christian university that promotes social safety, health, and sustainability" and to realize concepts of “sustainable” education, economy, and environmental awareness. CJCU built its environmentally friendly campus with natural and low-carbon materials for students to learn in an environment with low pollution. 

CJCU is devoted to international connection whilst simultaneously caring for global issues, and the realization of sustainable development goals (SDGs). From an educational perspective, CJCU implements SDGs by promoting students’ sustainable education and encouraging teachers to research and publish relevant academic results to ensure the sustainable management of university affairs. In 2021, the Sustainable Living Lab was founded. Its connection to SDGs multi-discipline, cooperation between departments and industry, government and academia, has resulted in a new drive to cultivate talent which cares about sustainable issues and promotes social innovation to jointly build a new future for society. 

As a Christian University, CJCU focuses on cultivating students who care for social issues and shoulder responsibility for sustaining the surrounding environment. Climate change has become the biggest threat and challenge in the 21st Century while its huge impacts and hazards are well-known. Therefore, we are concerned with practical action taken by humans to reduce greenhouse gases emissions. 

CJCU has long been devoted to conveying and promoting its goal to meet this challenge. Internally, concepts are taught by implementing lesson planning and relevant projects whilst externally CJCU works with domestic and international organizations of sustainable development to jointly look for solutions. With three major elements, "integration", "innovation", and "intelligence" each of us in CJCU is able to exert social influence on the sustainable goals of low-carbon life and net zero transformation.For more information, please visit: