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ECCT-GWEC Global Offshore Wind Summit - Taiwan 2022 全球離岸風電產業高峰會-台灣

ECCT Low Carbon Initiative (LCI) Event

Global Offshore Wind Summit - Taiwan 2022
2022 全球離岸風電產業高峰會-台灣


Date: 09:00 - 21:00, Monday, 17 Oct. 2022 & 09:00 - 18:30, Tuesday, 18 Oct. 2022
Venue: Le Méridien Taipei 台北寒舍艾美酒店 (No. 38 Song Ren Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City 台北市信義區松仁路38號)

Format: Hybrid
Organizer: ECCT Low Carbon Initiative (LCI) 歐洲商會- 低碳倡儀行動, Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC)全球風能理事會
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Following the success of the three previous editions in 20192020 and 2021the 2022 Global Offshore Wind Summit – Taiwan will take place from 17-18 October 2022. Organised by the European Chamber of Commerce Taiwan - Low Carbon Initiative (ECCT LCI) and the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC), this annual flagship event will be co-organised by the Taiwan International Ports Corporation (TIPC), and the Metal Industries Research & Development Centre (MIRDC).

The GOWST 2022, taking place at the time when Taiwan is about to announce (or, just announced) the result of Round 3's first auction, will highlights six major topics: 1) Taiwan's offshore wind localization policy, 2) upscaling ports infrastructure, 3) regional OFW collaboration in APAC, 4) wind turbine tech, vessels, and strategies on OFW logistics, 5) floating offshore wind, and 6) CPPA market in Taiwan. The summit will bring together senior government executives and global leaders representing European and Asia-Pacific wind energy associations, developers, OEMs, and investors, together with port authorities, supply chain stakeholders and policymakers to discuss the ongoing developments of wind energy in Taiwan under the theme “Sustainable growth of Taiwan’s offshore wind industry in Asia Pacific market”.

歐洲在臺商務協會-低碳倡議行動 (ECCT LCI) 與全球風能理事會 (GWEC) 將於10月17-18日共同舉辦【2022全球離岸風電產業高峰會- 臺灣】,邀請臺灣政府部會首長、專家及高階領袖,探討臺灣蓬勃發展的離岸風電產業,進而持續推動市場發展。全球離岸風電產業高峰會為年度盛會,為了因應快速變化的風電市場並提出最即時的政策及產業剖析,此論壇主要探討臺灣風能產業在亞太區域未來15年(2021-2035)發展的關鍵挑戰和機遇,如:臺灣離岸風電國產化政策、港口基礎建設發展、亞太區域供應鏈合作、風力渦輪機技術、船舶和離岸風電物流策略、浮式風機、台灣再生能源購售電合約市場等。


The distinguished guests invited to the 2022 GOWST include the Executive Yuan Vice Premier Sheng Jong-Chin, MOEA Minister Wang Mei-Hua, BOE Director-General Yu Cheng-wei, IDB Director-General Lien Ching-chang, MOTC Minister Dr. Wang Kwo-Tsai, MPB Director General Yeh Hsieh-Lung, TIPC Chairman Dr. Lee Hsien-Yi, European ports executives, Offshore Wind Association representatives from Japan, Korea, and Vietnam, and Taiwan’s policymakers. The GOWST 2022 is advised by the MOEA and MOTC.

本高峰會邀請行政院副院長沈榮津、經濟部部長王美花、交通部部長王國材博士、能源局局長游振偉、工業局局長連錦漳、航港局局長葉協隆、臺灣港務公司董事長李賢義博士、日本風能協會、韓國風能協會、越南風能協會、歐洲港口代表以及各級政府部會代表蒞臨大會,並由中華民國經濟部 (MOEA) 及交通部 (MOTC) 擔任指導單位。


GWEC Market Intelligence’s latest market outlook predicts that Taiwan is positioned to be the largest offshore wind market in Asia excluding (Mainland) China. Taiwan government has announced plans to boost its offshore wind power generation capacity by 15 GW over 10 years between 2026 and 2035.  All eyes are now on Taiwan as it will connect 5.5 GW of new offshore wind capacity by 2025 and another 15 GW will be tendered by the government through the Round 3 auctions for commissioning by 2035. Taiwan is on track to generate over 20,000 jobs and nearly $30 billion in inward investment by 2025, making the industry a cornerstone for a green recovery in the region. By 2035, the investment from offshore wind is expected to reach $90 billion USD and create around 57,000 jobs.

全球風能理事會預測最新風電市場的展望,臺灣將成為亞洲除中國外最大的離岸風電市場。臺灣政府已宣布,計畫在2026至2035的10年內將其海上風力發電能力提高15GW。全球各界將所有目光焦點集中在臺灣,除了到 2025 年將建置完成 5.5 GW風電裝機容量,臺灣已通過至 2035 年第三區段開發新增15 GW招標容量。到 2025 年,臺灣有望創造超過 20,000 個工作機會和近 300 億美元的外來投資,使離岸風電相關行業成為亞太區域綠色復甦的基石。並到2035年,離岸風電投資預計將達到900億美元,創造約5.7萬個就業機會。

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