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Travel Insurance breakthrough for ECCT's Better Living committee

16 January 2019
The Financial Supervisory Commission's Insurance Bureau has sent a letter to the Republic of China Life Insurance Commercial Association to instruct insurance companies to grant equal treatment to foreigners with permanent residence status in Taiwan when they purchase travel insurance. According to the letter, insurance companies should grant permanent foreign residents the same level of coverage for the same types of travel insurance products as ROC nationals. This should include companies that have counters at international airports offering travel insurance products. The issue of insurance companies not providing the same types or levels of insurance to foreign residents as local residents of Taiwan has been raised by the ECCT's Better Living committee in several position papers, including its most recent 2019 Position Paper. If the instructions in the Insurance Bureau's letter are implemented by insurance companies accordingly it would help to remove one of several issues of discriminatory treatment towards foreigners still remaining in Taiwan.

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