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Taiwan forecasts gradual recovery in job market with anticipated 2-5% average salary increase in 2024

Co-launching the fully digital Salary Survey 2024 with the European Chamber of Commerce Taiwan, Robert Walters reveals the trend and insights of the Taiwan job market, as well as the change in candidate and company expectations  

Taipei – In 2023, the Taiwan job market grappled with substantial challenges amid the global recession. However, a gradual recovery is anticipated in 2024. Job movers can expect a potential salary increment of 10-20%, while the average pay rise for employees is expected to be 2-5%. With over 65% of professionals actively exploring new employment opportunities in 2024 and a talent gap resulting from departures and downsizing at senior levels, this year is marked by heightened competition in talent acquisition. These insights are revealed in the global Salary Survey 2024 released by Robert Walters, one of the world’s leading specialist professional recruitment firms.

The job market in Taiwan has encountered notable challenges in 2023 due to the uncertainties caused by global recession. Companies thus embraced a conservative approach, emphasising cost-control strategies, which has led to layoffs, hiring freezes, prolonged interview processes, and an increase in the number of layers of approvals and discussions before extending offers to potential candidates. The Taiwan Institute of Economic Research anticipates a 3.15% growth in GDP.

In light of the macroeconomic conditions, the job market in Taiwan is expected to undergo a recovery. The 2024 salary survey conducted by Robert Walters Taiwan indicates that job movers can anticipate a salary increment ranging from 10% to 20%, with an average overall increase falling between 2% and 5%. Notably, over 65% of professionals are actively seeking new employment opportunities, creating a candidate-short market scenario. Despite this, the global scarcity of specific skills may pose challenges for companies attempting to fill vacancies, particularly those requiring expertise in new technologies and niche skill sets. Consequently, 2024 is poised to be a demanding period for recruiting the right talent.

Job market forecasts gradual recovery with continued emphasis on cost-control strategies
While 2023 posed significant challenges for the job market in Taiwan, 2024 is anticipated to bring about a slow recovery. According to the Salary Survey 2024 by Robert Walters Taiwan, more than 59% of professionals express optimism about job opportunities in their fields. In the commerce market job movers can anticipate a salary increment ranging from 12% to 20%, and over 75% of professionals are actively seeking new employment opportunities.

However, cost-control strategies will continue to be prioritised. Robert Walters Taiwan predicts longer interview processes and more discussions before extending job offers.

Driven by cost considerations and in response to senior-level departures and downsizing, companies are actively recruiting junior and mid-level candidates to address talent gaps. Recognising the scarcity of talent among these roles, companies are focusing more on hiring and nurturing young professionals.

Talent shortage sparks surge in role generalisation and cross-industry, cross-country talent flow
In 2024, Taiwan continues to struggle with talent shortage, leading to a notable increase in cross-industry movements and a heightened demand for candidates returning from overseas. There is a discernible shift towards a preference for generalised roles. Employers are now seeking individuals with a broader range of skills and experiences, rather than focusing solely on specialised roles.

Attracting and retaining talent has become a top priority for companies operating in Taiwan. Professionals highly value certain attributes in an employer, such as the importance of "excellent compensation & benefits"(97%), "inspiring colleagues & culture" (94%), and "flexible working modules" (70%). John Winter, Country Manager of Robert Walters Taiwan highlighted, "To attract top talent, organisations need to 'sell' their benefits, flexibility arrangements, career development, and support framework to prospective candidates and current employees alike." This underscores the critical role that a holistic and appealing work environment plays in attracting and retaining top talent in Taiwan's competitive job market.

66% of tech professionals actively seeking new opportunities, eyeing 10-20% salary boost
Despite significant layoffs and hiring freezes in Taiwan's tech industry due to the global recession in 2023, Taiwan is expected to maintain its leading position in the technology sector, driven by emerging applications such as AI, green energy, and smart networking.

According to Robert Walters Taiwan, the technology job market is dynamically responding to trends in AI, high-speed computing (HPC), and electric vehicles (EV). Companies are actively seeking professionals with expertise in server and data centre technologies, along with a background in automotive experiences.

Non-AI engineers are expected to be adept at utilising AI productivity tools like ChatGPT. This reflects that the broader integration of AI technologies across various sectors.

In 2024, the technology sector is expected to face persistent talent shortages, with 66% of professionals seeking new job opportunities in 2024, and 81% of businesses are planning pay raises. For job movers, the expected salary increment ranges from 10% to 20%, while employees can expect an average increase of 3% to 5%.

52% of companies plan to utilise AI models, fueling demand for AI application and digitalisation talent
The impact of AI applications is extensive and significant. A notable 52% of companies have indicated their intention to explore the use of AI models. This shift towards AI is accelerating organisations’ digitalisation progress, thereby increasing the demand for professionals skilled in AI application, digital tool implementation, data analysis, and digital transformation. Individuals possessing a profound understanding of constructing and deploying AI models are particularly sought after in the job market. John Winter, Country Manager of Robert Walters Taiwan highlighted, “It reflects the increasing recognition of the potential of AI applications across industries

Robert Walters指出:臺灣就業市場預計迎來緩步復甦,2024薪資平均漲幅為2-5%


歐洲商會與全球頂尖招募機構之一Robert Walters(華德士)共同發布2024數位薪資調查報告,內容涵蓋臺灣就業市場趨勢、薪資變化,並深入探討求職者和企業的期望。

台北– 2023年,臺灣就業市場受全球經濟衰退的影響,企業紛紛採取保守的態度並強調成本控制的策略,包括裁員、凍結招募、延長面試過程,以及增加正式錄取前的層層關卡與討論。展望2024年,臺灣就業市場在整體經濟的帶動下預期迎來緩步復甦。今年臺灣經濟雖然仍須面對供應鏈重組、美中經濟不確定性、地緣政治風險等挑戰,但在降息預期、庫存壓力緩解及終端需求的回升等因素帶動下,台灣經濟研究院預測,GDP有望實現3.15%的增長。

Robert Walters 2024薪資調查顯示,臺灣的薪資平均增長率介於2-5%之間。值得注意的是,而轉職者潛在的薪資增幅高達10-20%。同時,今年有超過65%的專業人士積極尋求轉職的機會,加上全球特定技能的稀缺,尤其是那些需要新技術和專業技能的職位,2024年臺灣就業市場仍須面對人才短缺的嚴峻挑戰。

臺灣就業市場預計邁向緩步復甦 約6成專業人士樂觀看待該領域就業機會
2024年臺灣就業市場預計將迎來緩步復甦,Robert Walters 2024薪資調查報告指出,約有6成的專業人士對該領域的就業機會表示樂觀。在商務市場,轉職者可期待12%至20%的薪資成長,更有超過75%的專業人士積極尋找新的就業機會。

然而,Robert Walters臺灣也預期企業端將持續強調成本控制的策略,因此面試流程將不會縮短,且企業內部於正式錄取前仍有重重關卡與相應的討論。同時,因應2023年企業端縮編、裁員政策,與中高階人才流失的現象,企業將積極招募初、中階人才,並更加重視培養年輕專業人士,以填補人才缺口。

因應人才匱乏:跨領域通才炙手可熱 跨產業、跨國界人才流動頻繁

人才吸引與留任已成為企業不可忽視的年度議題,Robert Walters薪資調查報告顯示,在臺灣不同領域的專業人士求職時衡量的指標高度一致,分別是「優渥的薪資和福利」(97%)、「具啟發性企業文化與同事」(94%)、「彈性的工作模式」(70%)。對此,Robert Walters臺灣總經理John Winter強調:「為了吸引頂尖人才,企業需要向潛在求職者和現任員工推銷其福利政策、彈性工作模式、職業發展和支持體系。」這突顯了在競爭激烈的就業市場中,提供一個全面且有吸引力工作環境對於吸引和留住頂尖人才的重要性。

受到全球經濟衰退的影響,2023年臺灣科技業在裁員和凍結招募的情況下,仍持續維持全球領先的地位。今年隨著庫存調整的結束,人工智慧、綠色能源和智慧網路等新興應用的發展,臺灣科技業更是復甦可期,Robert Walters 2024薪資調查報告指出,81%的企業預計於今年加薪,平均薪資漲幅為3-5%;66%的科技業專業人士預計積極尋求轉職的機會,而轉職者的潛在的加薪幅度為10-20%。

同時,Robert Walters 臺灣表示,就業市場正積極回應科技業人工智慧(AI)、高速運算 (HPC) 和電動車 (EV) 的趨勢,企業對於伺服器、資料中心以及車用相關專業人才的需求正在快速成長。此外,由於人工智慧技術在各領域的廣泛應用,非 AI 工程師也被期待能夠有效運用如ChatGPT 等AI工具。

52%企業正在探索人工智慧模型應用 人工智慧應用和數位轉型人才需求激增
眼下人工智慧(AI)的熱潮已席捲各產業,高達52%的企業表示,正在探索AI模型應用的可能性。可預見AI應用勢必加速組織數位化進程,並帶動就業市場對AI與數位工具應用、數據分析和數位轉型人才的需求持續攀升,而AI建構與部署的人才在市場上尤其受到追捧。Robert Walters臺灣總經理John Winter強調:「此趨勢更反映出人AI技能在各個產業的潛力日益受到重視」。