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Tainan Low Carbon City Conference

The National Cheng Kung University ( NCKU) and the ECCT’s Low Carbon Initiative (LCI) were the organisers of 2022 Tainan Low Carbon City Conference supported by the Tainan City Government. The theme of this year’s conference was “Energy saving & green buildings for sustainable cities”. At the event, opening remarks were made by Tainan Mayor Huang Wei-che (台南市長 黃偉哲), NCKU Dr Jenny Su (Huey-Jen) (成功大學校長 蘇慧貞), and ECCT CEO Freddie Höglund.  This was followed with presentations by ECCT members from Merck, Atlas Copco, NCKU, Schneider Electric, RCI Engineering, and Signify on decreasing carbon emissions and enhancing energy efficiency and conducting carbon verification and certification in buildings and industries. The conference also served as the forum to renew an MOU between the ECCT, NCKU, and the Tainan City Government to continue their cooperation on sustainable city development. The event ended with a panel discussion featuring all of the speakers.

Chang Liang-Yi from the Office of Strategic Planning at NCKU / Asian Managing Director of (成功大學策略發展整合室 客座專家 / 亞洲管理總監 張良伊) gave an introduction to NCKU’s sustainability.

Eric Yu, Global VP for Signify Taiwan & LCI Vice Chair (昕諾飛全球副總裁暨, LCI 副主席 余泳濤) gave an introduction to the LCI’s net zero report.

Dr David Chen, Merck Taoyuan Site Director and Taiwan Sustainability Program Lead (台灣默克電子科技事業體桃園廠廠⻑暨永續專案負責人 陳憲廷) gave a presentation on Merck’s emission reduction efforts and efficiency in buildings.

Dereck Devlin, General Manager of Atlas Copco & Leader of the LCI’s Energy Saving and Green Building Working Group spoke about energy saving and carbon reduction in the semiconductor industry.

Shawn Jang, General Manager of RCI Engineering & Leader of the LCI’s Energy Saving and Green Building Working Group (智森永續設計顧問總經理暨, LCI 節能與綠色建築工作小組召集人 簡碩賢) gave a presentation on carbon verification and certification in buildings and factories.