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Progress made on building code regulations, charging infrastructure

The ECCT's Mobility committee has made progress on the following advocacy issues:

  • Individual mobility - Exclusive use of charging spaces: Rules have been amended to reserve parking spaces exclusively for EV charging and make specific ratios of charging spaces in public and private car parks mandatory.
  • New energy vehicle charging infrastructure and interface - Incentives for public charging infrastructure: Both the MOTC and Ministry of Environment (MOENV) have announced substantial subsidy schemes to support local governments to develop infrastructure island wide
  • Existing apartment building code regulations: The Ministry of the Interior (MOI) has drafted an amendment to building code regulations that covers charging infrastructure and announced that the amendment will be made a top priority for legislative procedure once the meeting session of Legislative Yuan begins in September.
  • Regulatory inspections for after-service vehicle components: The Bureau of Standards Metrology and Inspections (BSMI) has agreed to discuss short term and long term procedures that can relieve the current hurdles for vehicle importers.
  • Home Charging Facilities Application Issues: Taipower has agreed to consolidate existing procedures for applications for power supply for charging facilities.
  • Charging Infrastructure on Freeway Service Area: With the latest MOTC BOT tender on Charging Infrastructure at Freeway Service Area awarded in August 2023, charging infrastructure on all freeway service areas in Taiwan are confirmed to be completed by August 2024.
  • Pilot Program of Electric Vehicles for Logistics: In September 2023, the Industrial Development Administration announced a Pilot Program of Electric Vehicles for logistics, which specified a category where international OEMs are also eligible. This is seen as a friendly gesture by the MOEA in welcoming international brands to participate in subsidized e-mobility initiatives.