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Progress made on 19% of 2020 Position Paper issues

The ECCT made progress on around 19% of issues raised in its 2020 Position Papers. The announcement was made by ECCT Chairman Giuseppe Izzo during his presentation at the launch of the chamber’s new 2021 Position Papers. As the cut-off date for compiling papers (1 October 2020), since the publication of the 2020 Position Papers (in November 2019), the following progress has been made:

  • Six issues have been successfully resolved.
  • Sufficient progress has been made in 11 issues and they have therefore not been raised again.
  • 11 issues have been partially but not completely resolved and are therefore listed again this year.
  • 23 issues have been removed at the committees’ discretion.
  • 93 other issues from last year remain unresolved and are repeated.
  • 66 new issues have been raised.

Please refer to the Executive Summary of the 2021 Position Papers for details of which issues have been resolved as well as a summary of unresolved and new issues raised.