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Philips takes its CSR campaign to the outlying island of Penghu!

Since the launch of the SimplyHealthy@Schools campaign in 2007, Philips Taiwan has been promoting environmental protection awareness among schoolchildren in different remote areas with the aid of ingenious energy-saving teaching materials. Over the past 4 years, Philips has reached out to more than 100 far-away elementary schools in eastern, western and remote mountainous areas all over the island of Taiwan. This year, in response to Penghu island's vision of building a low-carbon island, Philips Taiwan decided to take the 5th edition of its SimplyHealthy@Schools campaign to Penghu Island for the first time.

Since 2010, Philips Taiwan has rolled out an internal campaign to encourage its employees to aggressively take part in social healthcare volunteering projects by offering them as many as 3 days of annual volunteering leave, as well as volunteer merit points, in an attempt to meet the goals of the SimplyHealthy@Schools campaign: fulfill corporate social responsibility, combine environmental protection with education and encourage the switch to energy-saving lighting.

30 volunteers mobilized from staff
For this year's event, Philips Taiwan mobilized more than 30 volunteers from its staff to pay a visit to 10 elementary schools in the outlying island of Penghu. With the help of specially-designed interactive games played between corporate volunteers and schoolchildren, Philips set out to raise awareness on environmental protection and the understanding of healthy living, by communicating six elements including "air, light, water, sports, smile and earth." "Over 700 school students and teachers participated at 10 schools making it a colorful affair. The SimplyHealthy@Schools volunteers were then quickly underway, including quizzes, sports sessions, and games to deliver the health&wellbeing concept.

LED desk lamps and LED lights donation
As part of the campaign, Philips also donated LED desk lamps, children's electric toothbrushes, energy-saving teaching materials and books to the schoolchildren. To plant the seeds of energy-conservation in the collective psyche of the schoolchildren, Philips also organized and sponsored a kids show called "Love the earth", in which students from 41 Penghu local elementary schools were invited to watch. Penghu County magistrate Wang Chien-Fa was also present and lauded Philips for its efforts to promote healthy lifestyle and environmental protection. To help Penghu become an exemplary low-carbon island, Philips plans to follow up by introducing LED street lighting and has picked some famous scenic spots famous for the annual Penghu Fireworks Festival for the installment of LED lighting.

Philips CSR reaches out to 54 countries globally
Philips' SimplyHealthy@Schools has reached out to more than 63,000 students and schoolchildren from 667 schools in 38 countries as of the end of 2010 worldwide. More than 4,000 Philips employees have rolled up their sleeves to help the cause in person. By the end of 2011, the SimplyHealthy@Schools CSR Project will increase its foot prints to 54 countries globally.
The SimplyHealthy@Schools CSR Project is part of Philips' ongoing endeavor to live up to its brand promise of "sense and simplicity" by providing meaningful innovations and promoting more environmentally-friendly products and solutions. In 2011, Philips not only was nominated as the Best Global Green Brand by Interbrand, it is also credited as the number 1 company globally in the Carbon Disclosure Project. In addition, Philips was also named as the supersector leader in the personal and household goods category by the prestigious Dow Jones Sustainability Index. All these accolades are testament to Philips'

Philips SimplyHealthy@Schools at a glance

Year Venue Details
2007 Remote Schools Donate 10,000 energy-saving bulbs to schoolchildren in remote areas of Taiwan
2008 Remote Schools Donation of new T5 energy-saving bulbs to schools. Help set up 10 "Green light" demonstration classrooms
2009 Western Taiwan Raise awareness of energy conservation; donation of energy-saving lamps to 20 schools
2010 Eastern Taiwan Raise awareness of environmental protection; donation of energy-saving lamps to schoolchildren to 10 schools.
2011 Penghu Island Raise awareness of environmental protection via interactive games; donation of LED desk lamps and LED street lights. Sponsoring stage play "Love the earth". Reached over than 700 students and 10 schools.