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Overseas vaccinations now valid for Taiwan's Covid-19 certificate

It is now possible for residents of Taiwan to have their Covid-19 vaccinations that were administered overseas to be recorded and listed on Taiwan’s digital Covid-19 certificate. This is a result of advocacy efforts by the ECCT with the Ministry of Health and Welfare. Previously, only vaccinations administered in Taiwan could be recorded in the digital certificates.

Earlier this year, Taiwan introduced its version of a digital Covid-19 certificate that is recognised by the European Union. Taiwan’s system enables both local citizens and foreign residents of Taiwan with ARC numbers to register. The system has always worked well for those who have received their vaccinations in Taiwan. However, those who have had one or more vaccinations abroad previously were not able to register the overseas vaccinations. Now, it is possible to do so. Those who have had vaccinations overseas may now visit their local Public Health Center (健康中心) or health clinic (衛生所), provide proof of their vaccinations overseas after which the office will enter their vaccination status in the system. A digital certificate can then be downloaded.

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