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New Taipei Global Investment Forum

The New Taipei City Global Investment Forum was organised by the New Taipei City Government in conjunction with the ECCT's Low Carbon Initiative and the Digital Transformation Association (DTA). The objective of the forum was to foster global investment in New Taipei City. At the event speakers from four LCI member companies gave presentations: Bosch, Enercon, Grundfos, and Philip's Lighting. The topics discussed ranged from the latest smart manufacturing trends, the essence of green procurement from global brands and energy efficiency to professional insights about industrial Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The event began with opening remarks, which was followed by the signing of an MOU between Enercon and the New Taipei City Industrial Association. The first presentation was given Dr Yueh Yi-yuan, Secretary General of the DTA on green procurement trends. In his presentation, Bart Linssen, Managing Director of Enercon, spoke about the opportunities currently available in Taiwan, not only for the government, but also for local manufacturers to invest in new industries. In his presentation, Volker Sauer, Senior Vice President, Technical and Engineering at Bosch, spoke about the challenges and opportunities of Industry 4.0, specifically the connected industry in regard to the Internet of Things (IoT). From Philips Lighting Taiwan, Dolly Tu, End User Marketing Manager, spoke about green procurement policy and suppliers transformation, delving into the innovation strategy of connectivity and IoT with lighting. In his presentation John Pien, General Manager of Grundfos Taiwan, spoke about smart energy management and green procurement of factories. Lastly, Clement Lin, Chairman of Nexcom International, gave a presentation titled "Striding Toward Industry 4.0 & Partnering with Stakeholders". The presentation session was followed by a panel discussion to answer questions from the audience.