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The LCI is pleased to initiate its newest member: Griffin Automotive (Scania Taiwan), a 100% owned subsidiary of Scania in Taiwan since 2005. As a world-leading provider of transport solutions, including trucks and buses for heavy transport applications, Scania has around 49,300 employees in about 100 countries, with its research and development centers in Sweden, Brazil, and India. In Taiwan, Scania owns 11 workshops to provide extensive product-related services.

Scania aims at changing the future of transport by effectively reducing fuel consumption and CO2. In 2018 March, Scania R 500 won the "Green Truck Award" by a healthy margin. European hauliers appreciate the lowest fuel consumption, highest average speeds and lowered C02 effects that help to keep costs and environmental impacts low.

To know more about Scania's sustainability solutions, please go to: