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Message from NDC Minister Chen

ECCT Chairman Giuseppe Izzo, CEO Freddie Höglund and staffers met with National Development Council (NDC) Minister Chen Mei-ling and senior NDC officials at the NDC to discuss ongoing cooperation. At the meeting, Minister Chen assured the ECCT delegation that while the government's primary focus was on dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, it will not neglect other important business, including discussions on business issues raised by ECCT members in the 2020 Position Papers. At the meeting, Minister Chen requested her staff to proceed with organising meetings with the ECCT to discuss the government's official reply to issues raised in the position papers. While the regular annual grand meeting format that had been used in previous years will have to be modified to safeguard the health and safety of participants, Minister Chen said that it would still be possible to hold some meetings, although with fewer participants, to discuss priority issues. NDC officials will discuss logistical details with the ECCT over the next few days and inform ECCT committee representatives of the arrangements as soon as they have been finalised.