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Lunch with HPA Director General Wang


The ECCT's Beverage Alcohol committee hosted a lunch with Dr Wang Ying-wei, Director General of the Health Promotion Administration, under the Ministry of Health and Welfare. At the event the speaker gave an overview of the HPA's areas of focus, policies, action plans and activities and talked about how the private sector, especially those in the beverage alcohol industry, could be part of efforts to drive positive change.


In his presentation DG Wang noted that one of the HPA's main tasks was to raise awareness of the harmful effects of risky behaviour, which include drinking and driving, and the excessive consumption of alcohol. In addition to campaigns to promote healthy living, such as a healthy diet and exercise, the HPA is engaged in ongoing awareness campaigns in cooperation with other ministries. For example, it works with the Ministry of Education to teach students not only about the harmful effects of abusing alcohol but also “life skills” to help students deal with peer pressure to engage in risky behaviour.


DG Wang made the point that the strategy and approach used has to be different depending on the target audience in order to encourage responsible behaviour. As to how the industry can help, he said that the HPA would welcome cooperation with the private sector to conduct research into effective ways and design campaigns targeted at specific demographic groups that would encourage less risky behaviour.