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LCI New Member: The Renewables Consulting Group, RCG 睿思再生能源

RCG is an integrated market intelligence, management consulting and technical advisory firm. What makes us different is that we are focussed solely on the renewable energy sector. We support mainstream and emerging technologies and serve the organisations leading the transition to a low carbon economy.

Market Intelligence

Top-tier analysis and industry foresight, presented with clarity and tailored to our clients’ needs is what our expert market intelligence team delivers. RCG’s expert insights make sense of the ever-growing quantity of industry data in the rapidly expanding renewable energy sector.  We track the deployment of projects in established and emerging markets, regionally and globally, across all stages of the development pipeline. Our robust methodology means our clients can trust the independence and quality of our expert analysis.

Management Consulting

At RCG, our highly skilled and experienced professionals work collaboratively with clients to find powerful and creative solutions.  Strategies that reduce risk, add value and enable organisations to thrive. We will put together an exceptional team for you, tailored to your needs. We will mobilize our best experts to solve challenges, create solutions and help you plan and implement a first-rate organizational strategy. We provide support across the private and public sectors, from market leaders and government agencies to new entrants and technology start-ups. Leveraging our deep knowledge of energy policy and markets, our commercial nous and our extensive on-the-ground experience we help our clients make the right decisions.

Technical Advisory

At any stage during development, construction or operation, we will work with you to find cost-effective solutions that maximize the value of your project over its lifetime. From environmental assessments and engineering design to health and safety and regulatory compliance, you will find the expert you seek at RCG.  You can be confident that our advice will always be impartial and to the highest industry standards, based on years of practical experience and technical know-how.

At RCG, we think and we do.  Responsive, agile and smart, we adopt a “sleeves-rolled-up” approach to getting the job done.

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