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LCI New Member: Fortune Electric 華城電機股份有限公司

Fortune Electric is a heavy electric industry leader company providing electrical equipment related business as well as O&M service. It has over-50-year professional experience and capabilities of heavy electrical equipment designing and manufacturing, owns numerous substation and power system project achievements.

With the rising of green energy and environmental concept, Fortune Electric has continuously innovated in technological research and development; Moreover, Fortune Electric has invested in green energy in recent years, including solar energy and wind farms. Its accomplishment in offshore wind projects made it become an exclusive local company that possess actual references of grid connection in Taiwan, as well as the only supplier capable of manufacturing in-tower transformers in Taiwan with technical difficulties overcome.

Fortune Electric holds the spirit of innovation, excellence, and fulfilling corporate social responsibility toward the development of offshore wind power industry, and is committed to cooperating with developers to complete the commissioning to provide clean energy for Taiwan.

After assisting in the completion of Taiwan’s first offshore wind project (Formosa I) as the demonstration in 2017, Fortune Electric has participated in 4 offshore wind projects with capacity of nearly 900MW. Additionally, Fortune Electric possess a Maritime O&M Team GWO training completed with an onshore substation O&M Contract secured. It will continuously expand relevant experience and support offshore wind projects.

Through technical cooperation with local and foreign professionals in industry chain, Fortune Electric hope to boost industrial upgrading and create an alliance of powerful partners to aggregate international team for realizing industrial association and support the development of green energy to fulfill environmental sustainability.
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華城電機擁有 50 年專業重電設備設計製造能力、變電所與電力系統統包工 程實績,因應全球綠能及環保意識的提升,華城電機持續在技術上研發創新, 近年更極投入綠能產業,在太陽能電廠、離岸風電設備及系統工程興建實績, 成為目前國內唯一擁有離岸風電陸域電力系實統工程績,與風機塔內相關設備 製造經驗之供應商。

華城電機對國內離岸風電產業之發展秉持務實創新、追求卓越、善盡企業 社會責任之精神,致力於配合各開發商完成各風場之商轉,為台灣提供潔淨用 電。繼 2017 協助完成台灣首座海洋風電示範發電機組後,華城電機所參與之風 場已累積 4 座、發電量近 900MW,未來將持續拓展相關經驗、協助離岸風電專 案進行,並透過來自海外的離岸風電專業人才及產業鏈,帶動技術合作、產業 升級,支持綠色能源的發展。