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Kaohsiung ARC holders get equal access to sightseeing area (ICRT podcast)



Taiwan Water Corporation has sent a letter to the ECCT to confirm that legal foreign residents of Kaohsiung will be granted free admission to Chengqing Lake sightseeing area in the city. The decision follows a formal complaint lodged by the ECCT's Better Living committee with the state-owned Taiwan Water Corporation that its previous policy of only allowing free access to Kaohsiung residents with ROC ID cards discriminated against foreign residents with Alien Resident Cards (ARCs).

According to an official letter sent to the ECCT by Taiwan Water Corporation, the company has reached an agreement with the Kaohsiung City Government to provide free access to the sightseeing area for all residents of Kaohsiung City, including ARC holders, effective from 18 June 2020.

This represents another breakthrough towards equal treatment of foreign residents in Taiwan, something that the ECCT has continued to advocate for many years.