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ICRT Interview with ECCT for GOWST 2021

ICRT General Manager Tim Berge interviewed ECCT CEO Freddie Hoeglund, ECCT Board Director Markus Wild, and ECCT LCI Director Sammy Su ahead of the 2021 Global Offshore Wind Summit-Taiwan (GOWST) to be held on 26 October.

Interviewees share their perspectives on 1) Taiwan's 15GW Round 3 phase of offshore wind development from 2026 to 2035, 2) regional supply chain collaboration in APAC, 3) upscaling ports infrastructure, 4) Renewable hydrogen from offshore wind.

The summit will bring together Taiwan government executives, global leaders representing European and Asia-Pacific wind energy associations, developers, OEMs, and investors, together with port authorities, supply chain stakeholders and policymakers

to discuss the ongoing developments of wind energy in Taiwan under the theme “Sustainable growth of Taiwan’s offshore wind industry in the Asia Pacific market".