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GOWST 2022 pre-meeting with TIPC Taichung president

A delegation from the ECCT’s Low Carbon Initiative (LCI) visited TIPC Taichung Port, where they met with Taichung Port President Chen Rung-Tsung (臺中港務分公司總經理 陳榮聰), the SGRE (西門子歌美颯公司), and VESTAS (維特斯有限公司). Among other subjects discussed with the TIPC Taichung Port president and other representatives was the port's infrastructure plans ahead of Round 3 of the next phase of Taiwan’s offshore wind farm development, low carbon mobility and hydrogen. The meeting was arranged by the LCI as part of the preliminary programmes ahead of the 2022 Global Offshore Wind Summit - Taiwan (GOWST), which will take place from 17-18 October in Taipei this year.