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Foreign permanent residents to be granted NT$6,000 tax rebate

The Executive Yuan has confirmed that permanent foreign residents of Taiwan will qualify for the lump-sum tax surplus rebate of NT$6,000 that the government has already announced it would distribute to each ROC citizen. The rebate will also be given to Alien Resident Certificate holders who are spouses of Taiwan nationals and foreign diplomats in Taiwan. Through its annual position papers and meetings with the government, the ECCT, particularly the chamber’s Better Living committee, has consistently advocated for equal treatment of legal foreign residents on the basis that they are taxpayers and subject to the same tax rates as citizens and therefore should be entitled to the same benefits as citizens, especially permanent foreign residents who have made Taiwan their permanent home. In a meeting with the premier last year, the premier provided explicit assurance to the ECCT that the government’s position is that permanent residents would be considered in all of the government’s policies that apply to citizens. This is another example of the government following through on its commitment thanks to the ECCT’s ongoing advocacy efforts.