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[Updated information for business travelers] Coronavirus information (0411 updated)

2022/04/12       6:30 - 13:00      Special Lunch / 特別午餐會      Speaker:N/A
  • 本活動已經結束。

Coronavirus information

For a summary of daily CECC press briefings and the latest information on the Covid-19 situation in Taiwan, please refer to the latest articles at this link: CDC Press Releases.

From April 1-30, current mask mandate and other epidemic prevention measures to remain in place, and epidemic prevention rules for certain leisure and entertainment venues to be enhanced. For detailed information, please refer to this link.

In response to health concerns arising from the novel 2019 coronavirus (Covid-19), the ECCT will follow the Taiwan government's guidelines regarding the scheduling and running of its operations and activities.

CECC announces Guidelines for Home Care Management of Confirmed COVID-19 Cases and urges the public to comply with related guidance. For detailed information, please refer to this link.

CECC to relax home isolation rules starting today and make rolling adjustments based on pandemic situation. For detailed information, please refer to this link.

CECC extends effective period of offering health educational materials worth NT$500 or below to people 65 or older (including indigenous people aged 55-64) when they get vaccinated against COVID-19 until May 31. For detailed information, please refer to this link.

Overseas vaccinations now valid for Taiwan’s Covid-19 certificate. For detailed information, please refer to this link.

Verification program of Digital COVID-19 Certificate system updated to cooperate with epidemic prevention regulations and provide new services. For detailed information, please refer to this link.

CECC explains responsive measures that can be taken by people testing positive for COVID-19 and their close contacts. For detailed information, please refer to this link.

Days when rapid testing is required for people under self-health management after 10-day home quarantine/isolation to be changed starting today to strengthen health monitoring measures. For detailed information, please refer to this link.

For Foreign officials, if you have any specific questions or concerns regarding Taipei City Government's epidemic prevention procedures, please refer to this link.

For Taipei City Government's information regarding coronavirus, please refer to this link for the latest information.

Please check the links at the bottom of this article for the latest Taiwan and international information about Covid-19. If you are interested in offering medical equipment to the EU, scroll down to the last item in this article.


Vaccine information

ACIP experts recommend people who are eligible to get COVID-19 vaccine and have met required minimum interval complete primary series vaccination as soon as possible and individuals who have completed their primary series vaccination for five months get booster dose. For detailed information, please refer to this link.

CECC explains COVID-19 vaccination recommendations for individuals who have been vaccinated with Medigen vaccine and urgently need to travel abroad. For detailed information, please refer to this link.

Overseas COVID-19 vaccination certificates or records should be properly preserved; an additional vaccination record or certificate will not be issued after such records are updated in NIIS system. For detailed information, please refer to this link.


Travel notice levels and restrictions

Starting today, travelers arriving on flights from Vietnam to be required to provide result from rapid antigen test taken within 6 hours before boarding. For detailed information, please refer to this link.

Starting today, travelers arriving from Vietnam on flights with high positivity rate from arrival testing to be required to provide result of rapid antigen test taken within 6 hours before boarding. For detailed information, please refer to this link.

In response to rapid spread of Omicron variant, COVID-19 RT-PCR test reports required for inbound passengers must be issued within two days which is based on specimen collection date. For detailed information, please refer to this link. 

For other cases, in accordance with the travel notice level determined by Taiwan's Central Epidemic Command Center, people arriving in Taiwan from the following countries should follow the procedures outlined below:

Level 1 (low risk): People arriving in Taiwan from countries listed as level 1 are advised to practice "self-help management" at home for 14 days (please see below the CDC's description of self-help management) and to observe local virus response regulations.

Level 2 (medium risk): People arriving in Taiwan from level 2 counties are to practice self-help management at home for 14 days and seek medical attention if they develop symptoms.

Level 3 (high risk): People arriving in Taiwan from high risk countries are required to fill out a form at the customs upon arrival and undergo home quarantine for 14 days. Afterwards, the Village Chief (里長) of their residential area will visit them every day according to the address provided in the form.

Note: While we will make every effort to update the information above regularly, since the coronavirus situation changes so frequently we cannot guarantee that our information is always completely up to date. Therefore, we suggest also checking the government's official websites listed below.


Government's Covid-19 financial support measures for business

The government has announced that the tax filing period has been extended until the end of June to give companies and individuals affected by Covid-19 more time to file.

A number of government ministries are offering support measures to companies.

Please visit this section of the Ministry of Economic Affairs website for information (in Chinese) on the new financial support scheme or view the scanned document.

For more information on other support schemes, please refer to the following links (to Chinese websites)

In addition, you can read our Euroview News articles below for information on various government programmes and support measures to companies and individuals affected by Covid-19.

Government targeting 900,000 relief payments by week’s end Lawmakers vote to triple coronavirus bailout funds

CDC instructions for conducting self-health management

1. Please keep your hands clean. You should wash your hands with soap or alcohol-based hand sanitizers frequently. In addition, please refrain from touching your eyes, nose and mouth with your hands. If your hands touch any secretions from your respiratory tract, please wash your hands with soap and water thoroughly.

2. During the 14-day self-health management, please record your temperature and daily activities twice a day (morning and evening) correctly in a table.

3. During the period, if you have no symptoms, please still avoid going to public places. When you go outside, please ensure that you wear a surgical mask as required.

4. If you have any symptoms, such as fever or other respiratory symptoms, please make sure to wear a surgical mask and notify the local health authority to help you seek medical attention. When you seek medical attention, please show this notice to your physician, and inform the physician of your contact history, travel history, residence history, occupational exposure, and whether anyone else has similar symptoms.

5. During illness, please rest at home, wear a surgical mask and avoid going outside. If your mask is contaminated by secretions of nose or mouth, please fold it and throw it into the trash immediately.

6. During illness, please wear a surgical mask and keep at least 1 meter away from others while talking to them.


EU clearing house for medical equipment

The EU has set up a website where companies can submit specific offers for personal protective and other medical equipment, which will be accessible to EU member states and participating countries' health and purchasing authorities.

Interested companies need to create a log in and fill out an on-line form. If you would like to participate, please follow the steps set out below:

Logging in: To demonstrate how to create an EU Login, watch this video

Your EU log-in will be created within a maximum of 15 minutes.

Opening & completing the form: Once you have an EU log-in you can proceed to fill out this form

A quick user guide is available on this web page that provides step by step guidelines on how to complete the form and where to turn to in case of technical problems.

Member states and participating countries' authorities will be able to access your offers and your contact details. Due to the high volume of offers on different types of equipment, the EU will unfortunately be unable to enter into any further correspondence about your offer. If you are not contacted by a potential buyer, it means that there is currently no demand or interest for your specific offer. However, the situation might evolve quickly in line with Covid-19-related needs so you might be contacted by potential buyers at a later stage. If your offer is for a limited time only, it will be automatically deleted after it expires. If for any other reason you would wish to delete the offer once posted, please e-mail with the "Dossier ID" you receive when posting an offer.

Event Details

Date: 2022/04/12
Time: 6:30 - 13:00
Registration Deadline: 2020/12/05
Cancellation Deadline: 2020/12/05
Cost: FREE
Contact: ECCT Secretariat
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