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Announcement: Event procedures in response to the Corona virus Click here for event update details

2020/04/08       00:00 - 24:00      Committee Event / 委員會活動      Speaker:N/A

Coronavirus information

In response to health concerns arising from the novel 2019 coronavirus (Covid-19), the ECCT will follow the Taiwan government's guidelines regarding the scheduling and running of its operations and activities.

Please check the links at the bottom of this article for the latest Taiwan and international information about Covid-19.


Events and meetings

In line with Taiwan's Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) recommendations, the number of participants at ECCT events will be restricted to no more than 100 people indoors and 500 people outdoors.

Unless otherwise notified, all ECCT events and meetings will proceed as usual.

If meetings scheduled to be held in the ECCT office have sign-ups of more than 10 people, arrangements will be made to hold the meeting in a larger venue. Members will be advised if the venue of meetings has been changed.

When attending ECCT activities, members are requested to take personal responsibility for their hygiene by wearing face masks, washing their hands frequently and refraining from shaking hands. As an additional precaution, where possible, ECCT staff will provide hand sanitizer and take the temperatures of guests attending events.


Travel notice levels and restrictions

In accordance with the travel notice level determined by Taiwan's Central Epidemic Command Center, people arriving in Taiwan from the following countries should follow the procedures outlined below:

Level 1 (low risk): People arriving in Taiwan from countries listed as level 1 are advised to practice "self-help management" at home for 14 days (please see below the CDC's description of self-help management) and to observe local virus response regulations.

Level 2 (medium risk): People arriving in Taiwan from level 2 counties are to practice self-help management at home for 14 days and seek medical attention if they develop symptoms.

Level 3 (high risk): People arriving in Taiwan from high risk countries are required to fill out a form at the customs upon arrival and undergo home quarantine for 14 days. Afterwards, the Village Chief (里長) of their residential area will visit them every day according to the address provided in the form.

Note: While we will make every effort to update the information above regularly, since the coronavirus situation changes so frequently we cannot guarantee that our information is always completely up to date. Therefore, we suggest also checking the government's official websites listed below.

  • The CDC's home page lists all important information about the coronavirus, including an updated list of travel advisory notices for international destinations.
  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has a dedicated section its website that provides the latest updates on the coronavirus, including official travel notice levels.
  • The latest global statistics on Covid-19


CDC instructions for conducting self-health management

1. Please keep your hands clean. You should wash your hands with soap or alcohol-based hand sanitizers frequently. In addition, please refrain from touching your eyes, nose and mouth with your hands. If your hands touch any secretions from your respiratory tract, please wash your hands with soap and water thoroughly.

2. During the 14-day self-health management, please record your temperature and daily activities twice a day (morning and evening) correctly in a table.

3. During the period, if you have no symptoms, please still avoid going to public places. When you go outside, please ensure that you wear a surgical mask as required.

4. If you have any symptoms, such as fever or other respiratory symptoms, please make sure to wear a surgical mask and notify the local health authority to help you seek medical attention. When you seek medical attention, please show this notice to your physician, and inform the physician of your contact history, travel history, residence history, occupational exposure, and whether anyone else has similar symptoms.

5. During illness, please rest at home, wear a surgical mask and avoid going outside. If your mask is contaminated by secretions of nose or mouth, please fold it and throw it into the trash immediately.

6. During illness, please wear a surgical mask and keep at least 1 meter away from others while talking to them.


New Dates Announcement

- Risk Management in Solar Financing: Due Diligence and Bankability 太陽能電廠投融資風險管理 (17 Mar.): reschedule to 19 May.
- Education Committee Lunch (20 Feb.): Postponed.
- Lunch with Taipei Mayor (3 Mar.): reschedule to 28 Apr.
- 2020 Europe Day Dinner (14 May): reschedule to 2 Sep.
- The 2020 Global Offshore Wind Summit - Taiwan (GOWST) 全球離岸風電高峰會(21-23 Apr.): reschedule to 12-13 Oct.
- ECCT CSR and Southern Taiwan Committee beach-cleaning event together with the Ocean Affairs Council and Kaohsiung City Government (25 Apr.): reschedule to 21 Nov.

Event Details

Date: 2020/04/08
Time: 00:00 - 24:00
Registration Deadline:
Cost: FREE
Contact: ECCT Secretariat
Phone: 2740-0236