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[EVENT REPORT] Taoyuan - ECCT Sustainability Leaders Meeting 桃園市政府與歐洲商會:永續領袖會議

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On 3 Nov. the ECCT hosted a premium lunch and signed an MOU with Taoyuan Mayor Cheng Wen-tsan 鄭文燦市長.

Before the lunch, Mayor Cheng, senior Taoyuan City Government officials, and LCI members attended the Sustainability Leaders Meeting 永續領袖會議 arranged by the ECCT's Low Carbon Initiative (LCI) to welcome green investment from AirLiquide, Carrefour, wpd to place in Taoyuan. Mayor Cheng has acknowledged the European companies pioneering vision and solutions for fostering sustainability especially in renewable energy and circular economy, and further committed to formalizing closer cooperation with the ECCT and our members in the areas of sustainable_sourcing, developing the green supply-chain, eco-mobility, and eco-logistics.

Taoyuan Mayor Cheng Wen-tsan

ECCT Chairman, Giuseppe Izzo


"Global Sustainable Sourcing: building green supply chain In Taoyuan" is the first topic of the meeting. Three LCI members: AirLiquide, Carrefour, wpd shared their best practices on CO2 capture project, green sourcing and food bank, offshore wind investment, and local supply chain building. 

Air Liquide President, Olivier Blachier

Carrefour Public Affair & Service Div. Manager, Jonathan Lee

wpd Chairperson, Yuni Wang

The second topic is the "2021 Smart Solution Report on Eco-Mobility &Eco-Logistics" to be co-published by the ICDI, ECCT LCI, ICLEI in 2021 March, in collaboration with Taoyuan and other major municipalities in Taiwan.  The introduction of the report was made by Camyale Chao, CEO of  International Climate Development Institute (ICDI), also the member of the LCI.

ICDI Executive Director Chao Kung-Yueh

TYCG Department of Research & Evaluation Commission Chairperson, Wu Chun-ting



Following the LCI Sustainable Leader meeting, the ECCT Premium lunch was conducted next door. Please read the full story here