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ESG project matching workshop

The ECCT's Low Carbon Initiative hosted a workshop together with the Ministry of Agriculture's Forestry and Nature Conservation Agency (MOA FANCA). The "ESG project matching platform workshop: Strategies for net zero and biodiversity sustainability" featured presentations by Dr Lin Hwa-Ching, Director-General, FANCA (農業部林業及自然保育署 林華慶 署長) and Dr Shih Chih-Chin, Nature Conservation Planning Senior Technical Specialist, FANCA (農業部林業及自然保育署 石芝菁 簡任技正).

At the event, guest speakers provided an overview of Taiwan's environmental and ecological conditions and the ecological challenges it faces, including environmental pollution, habitat fragmentation, and the impact of climate change. They also outlined Taiwan's policies on the conservation of biodiversity and promoting the sustainable and equitable use of genetic resources and emphasized the need for businesses to consider ecologically sensitive areas and their dependencies on and impacts on natural resources.

In his presentation, Director-General Lin shared insights on FANCA's National Ecological Green Network Plan and Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures (TNFD) policy planning to help businesses understand and disclose relevant information assessments. Given the industry is highly dependent on natural resources, it is in their best interests to understand the impact of their operations on the environment and to find ways to minimise the impact and even try to have a "nature positive" impact.

In her presentation, Dr Shih Chih-Chin introduced the National Ecological Green Network Map and ESG Project Matching Platform and explained how enterprises and organisations can participate in forest management or natural habitat conservation through public-private partnerships.