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ECCT participates in International Beach Cleaning Day

The ECCT took part in international beach cleaning day together with the Taipei European School and numerous other local organizations including the Society of Wilderness (SOW).
International beach cleaning day (or Coastal Cleanup day) has become the world's largest volunteer effort for ocean health. Nearly nine million volunteers from 152 countries and locations have cleaned around 80 million kilograms of rubbish from the shores of lakes, streams, rivers and the ocean on just one day each year.
According to SOW, 5,160 people all around Taiwan took part in the beach cleanup effort, of which 2,640 were in the Taipei area.
ECCT members and staff from the Swire Group, Bayer, the Shangri-la Far Eastern Plaza Hotel, Bureau Veritas Taiwan Branch and CESI Taipei Office joined with students from TES to clean up a large section of the Linshanbi Reaction Area.
Judging from the amount of trash collected, they really got stuck in. Between them they managed to collect total of 894.9 kilograms of rubbish (196.5 kgs of recyclable trash and 698.4 kgs of non-recyclable rubbish).