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ECCT congratulates President-elect Lai

The ECCT has extended its congratulations to Lai Ching-te and Hsiao Bi-Khim on their election victory as president and vice president of the Republic of China (Taiwan).


The ECCT has enjoyed excellent and ever-improving cooperation with the administration of President Tsai and President-elect Lai, in his capacity as Vice President and, previously as Premier and Mayor of Tainan City. The chamber first engaged with Dr Lai when he was Mayor of Tainan. Tainan was the first city the chamber engaged with after the ECCT became a nationwide association in 2013. Subsequently, the ECCT went on to hold frequent exchanges and regular events with the Tainan City Government under Lai’s administration, which have continued under his successor.


Over the past two years, the ECCT’s membership has grown to some 430 companies and organisations and over 1,000 individuals. And, along with increasing membership, accumulated investments by Europeans in Taiwan continue to rise and have now surpassed US$70 billion, far exceeding those of any other group of foreign investors. These figures demonstrate our confidence in and commitment to Taiwan’s future. Besides investments in operations and people, we continue to actively participate in joint programmes with the government to boost European-Taiwan bilateral trade and investment, stimulate the development of new technologies and industries and create jobs in Taiwan. Thanks to our excellent relations with the government, the ECCT has consistently made progress on around 20% of its advocacy issues every year and we look forward to continuing to enjoy the same level of cooperative and productive relations with the Lai administration over the next four years.