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Bayer Brings Kids and Employees Together

With very little resources Bayer HealthCare , a part of the Bayer Taiwan organization, organized a volunteer force for more than a dozen social welfare projects across the island, from fund drives and mentoring disadvantaged children to blood donation drives and wetland cleanups.

Along the way the 210 "LIFE Angel" employees in Taiwan raised €12,500, volunteered a total of 900 hours and the company sponsored after-school education for disadvantaged children.

"Being involved in this program has truly enriched my life," says Weslie Ho, a Bayer Healthcare employee in Taiwan. "Our volunteer work was time-consuming and physically demanding, but when the kids gave us their warm hugs and big smiles, we realized that giving is actually better than taking."

Taiwan's Angel program started working with the Tsao aboriginal minority last year. This year the effort continued with Bayer Healthcare matching sponsorship of 15 tribal elementary-school-aged children for after-school education and dinners. Two of the sponsored kids now rank in the top three of their classes. The afternoon programs include helping the kids to learn their aboriginal dances and culture along with their homework.

The Bayer colleagues got started in Taiwan earlier this year; the group of 210 was randomly divided into 15 teams. Each colleague was asked to serve at least three hours. The teams voted on a group leader and then planned their project through to completion.

The efforts included a fund drive on Facebook, a blood donation campaign, healthcare education programs and health checks covering spinal, vision, weight, dental and flat feet care as well as coastal cleanups.

Other fundraising efforts included a "Piggy Bank Adoption" campaign, where colleagues sold piggy banks to other employees, business partners, journalists and government officials.