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Advocacy breakthrough on education fee tax issue

Progress has been made on one of the issues raised in the Tax committee's 2018 Position Paper. In their paper, the committee had recommended treating the allowances for expatriates’ children education fees as non-taxable to attract more foreign talent. In response to the recommendation, the Ministry of Finance (MOF) has offered a solution under existing tax rules whereby the MOF will treat children's education fees paid under a company’s scholarship (奬學金) plan as non-taxable to the expatriate.

This breakthrough is the result of extensive discussions with the government over the course of 2018, including a meeting in August 2018 coordinated by the National Development Council (NDC), and attended by MOF officials. This achievement is thanks to the extensive and coordinated efforts of the NDC, MOF and members of the Tax committee, especially Chairperson Lorene Chen.