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2022 GOWST policy meeting

The ECCT's Low Carbon Initiative (LCI) and the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) held a policy meeting with key government officials and an array of industry leaders from the Taiwan International Ports Corporation (TIPC), SGRE, Vestas, wpd, Ørsted, TotalEnergies and Blue Float Energy to discuss Taiwan's position and strategy of offshore wind energy developments in the broader APAC context, envisioning opportunities and developments in floating wind technologies, as well as challenges around port infrastructure and facilities after the announcement of Round 3 offshore wind tenders. This meeting was hosted as a prelude to the upcoming Global Offshore Wind Summit Taiwan (GOWST) 2022, which will be held from 17-18 October this year.

The ECCT delegation was led by Vice Chairman and LCI Chair, Giuseppe Izzo and GWEC's CEO Ben Backwell, along with the lead government representatives Yu Cheng-Wei, director- general of the Bureau of Energy of the MOEA (能源局局長 游振偉), Yeh Hsieh-lung, Director-General of the Maritime Port Bureau of the MOTC (航港局局長 葉協隆), Yang Chi- ching, Deputy Director-General of the Industrial Development Bureau of the MOEA (工業局副局長 楊志清), Chen Rung-tsung, President of Taichung Port of TIPC (臺灣港務公司台中分公司 總經理 陳榮聰), Chen Peng-yong, Senior Executive Officer of the Industrial Development Bureau of the MOEA (工業局專門委員 陳鵬詠), and Huang Wei-Chih, Section Chief of Energy Technology Division, Bureau of Energy of the MOEA (能源局科長 黃韋智).

The meeting was a successful exchange of expertise that translated into field-specific policy reflections, that set the stage for the 2022 GOWST.