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2021 Green Transportation and Logistics Innovation Forum 綠色運輸與物流創新交流論壇

ECCT Low Carbon Initiative (LCI) Event


2021 Green Transportation and Logistics Innovation Forum

 Tuesday, 31 August 2021

Time: 13:00 - 16:00
Format: Physical (approximately 100 people attending in two separate rooms onsite)
Venue: Taoyuan Amazing Hall Hotel 桃園晶宴會館
Address: No. 166, Nanping Rd., Taoyuan Dist., Taoyuan City 桃園市桃園區南平路166號
Organizer: Taoyuan 
Eco-logistics Community Chair Office
Co-organizer: ECCT Low Carbon Initiative (LCI)

Fuel consumption and exhaust emissions during transportation are the environmental pollutions caused by logistics activities. Therefore, in order to build Environment Logistics, we must first carry out reasonable layout and planning of transportation routes and achieve the goal of energy-saving and emission reduction through measures such as shortening transportation routes and increasing vehicle loading rates. Besides, we must also pay attention to the maintenance of vehicles, use clean fuels, and reduce energy consumption and exhaust emissions. Taoyuan City is currently actively promoting low-pollution transportation equipment and has the largest number of electric vehicles in Taiwan. It is also the first city in Taiwan that promote Go Share. In terms of green energy transformation, promoting ecological logistics cities, strengthen cooperation with logistics fleets, develop towards electric trucks and petrol-electric trucks, reduce the environmental impact brought by the logistics economy, and jointly build a city of low-carbon transportation.

This forum is being organized by the Taoyuan Eco-logistics Community Chair Office, and co-organized by the European Chamber of Commerce Taiwan’s - Low Carbon Initiative (ECCT LCI). Invited experts from various industries will be sharing their experience and knowledge about stimulating innovative ideas from different perspectives. The first half of the meeting will be talking about the implementation strategy of green logistics. The second half will be sharing examples of the application of hydrogen energy transportation.


*This event is open to only LCI members. 報名對象開放於歐洲商會-低碳倡議行動會員。

*The registration will be verified and approved by the event organizer. 主辦單位將保有最後審核及確定報名之權利。
*We reserve the right to amend the agenda and speakers. 主辦單位將有權更改活動議程。