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The LCI meeting with MOST Minister Chen Liang-gee 與科技部部長陳良基會議:自駕車議題

Minister Chen is the third from the right.

(L-R) Delegates: Eric Yu, GM of Philips Lighting; Sammy Su, LCI Director; Nicholas Enersen, Director of the Trade Council of DENMARK; Michael Waters, Deputy Director of British Office Taipei; Jan Hollmann, Managing Director of BOSCH Taiwan; Freddie Höglund, ECCT CEO; John Demers, General Manager Atlas Copco Taiwan 

The Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) opened the Shalun Car Labon 25 Feb. 2019 in Tainan , a 1.75-hectare site designed to test Taiwan’s research and development capabilities for autonomous driving.

A delegation of ECCT Low Carbon Initiative (LCI) members led by ECCT CEO Freddie Höglund travelled to Tainan for the opening ceremony and held a meeting with Dr Chen Liang-gee, the MOST Minister. In the meeting as well as in his opening remarks, Minister Chen expressed appreciation to the CEO Freddie and the ECCT for the chamber's support to the Taiwan Car Lab. At the meeting, delegates discussed the business opportunities and potential for cooperation between the ECCT, government agencies, academia and local industry to develop autonomous driving technologies.