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Taiwan-Europe Green Finance Seminar for Offshore Wind

Time: Monday 7th November 2016, from 13:00 ~ 16:10
Location: Conference Hall, Hua Nan Bank (2F, No.123, Songren Rd., Xinyi Dist., Taipei City, Taiwan)
Organizers: European Chamber of Commerce Taiwan, Dai Yan-Hui Foundation
Co-organizers: Hua Nan Bank
Online Registration:

Europe has been leading renewable energies development ahead of the world. In 1990, the first Electricity Feed-In Act was introduced by Germany, which initiated the first green electricity feed-in tariff scheme in the world and was regarded as a decisive factor to its success towards green energy policy. Under this scheme renewable energy systems are compensated by utility companies under the feed-in tariffs for 20 years, thereby guaranteeing investor security. Many EU member states, governments, including Taiwan, have used this Act as a blue print for their renewable energy policy.

Financing by banks and institutions is certainly another crucial factor to the success for developing renewable energy. We are honored to have high ranking German representatives from KfW IPEX, a state-owned development bank, speaking at this seminar and to provide governors, financiers and other relevant sectors with KfW's practical experiences on wind power finance. This will be followed by speeches from wpd, one of Germany's leading onshore and offshore wind power developer.

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