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Taipower - LCI Workshop Series 6: Turbine Blades Recycling Practices & Solutions

Taipower - ECCT LCI Workshop Series 6


"Turbine Blades Recycling Practices & Solutions"


Date: 20 April 2022
14:30-16:00 (Online Reception starts at 14:20)
Format: Online Webinar (Microsoft Teams)
Taiwan Power Company 台灣電力公司; ECCT Low Carbon Initiative (LCI) 歐洲商會- 低碳倡儀行動

Taipower and ECCT LCI have teamed up to offer a series of workshops on green energy and circular economy under the framework of the 2050 Roadmap towards Net Zero Carbon. The workshops are divided into three categories; "Green Hydrogen, Energy Storage, and Mobility Applications," "Offshore Wind, Smart Grid, Infrastructure, and Turbine Technology," and "Circular Economy on Turbine Blades and PV Panel Recycling."

The topic of the sixth workshop is ''Turbine Blades Recycling Practices & Solutions'' taking place on Wednesday, 20 April 14:30-16:30, in virtual format. The workshop aims at exploring practical solutions for onshore wind farm's lifetime extension, decommissioning or repowering in Taiwan and the globe. Our speakers from ENERCON, VESTAS, and GWEC will share the blades recycling and disposal experience in Taiwan, resource recovery policy and economic model of decommissioning wind turbine blades in Europe, and wind trubine repowering market challenges and opportunities.

This workshop opens exclusively to Taipower colleagues and LCI members. Please contact Ms. Zene Fan at for registration.



*This event opens to ECCT LCI members and Taipower colleagues only. 報名對象僅開放於歐洲商會-低碳倡議行動會員及臺電公司同仁。
*The event reminder will be sent to the participants on 18 April. 會前通知將於04/18(一)寄送給與會者。
*The registration will be verified and approved by the event organizer. 主辦單位將保有最後審核及確定報名之權利。
*We reserve the right to amend the agenda and speakers. 主辦單位將有權更改活動議程。