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[Fully booked] Risk Management in Solar Financing: Due Diligence and Bankability 太陽能電廠投融資風險管理論壇


Risk Management in Solar Financing: Due Diligence and Bankability | 19 May 2020

太陽能電廠投融資風險管理 | 2020年05月19日

Organizer 主辦單位: ECCT LCI 歐洲在臺商務協會 -低碳倡議行動, EUTW 臺灣歐洲聯盟中心, TÜV Rheinland 德國萊因

Venue 地點:  NTU GIS Convention Center 集思台大會議中心

Address 地址: B1, No. 85, Sec. 4, Roosevelt Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City, Taiwan  台北市大安區羅斯福路四段85號B1


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Taiwan maintains a 20-year capital recovery period for solar power plants. Following the international trend, banks and other financing institutions in Taiwan are now turning to project financing as a way to control borrowing risks and improve repayment results.

The Taiwan government is vigorously promoting renewable energy and project financing has been proven to be a profitable way for financial institutions in Europe and elsewhere to participate in renewable energy projects. However, financial institutions in Taiwan have relatively little experience in handling large-scale infrastructure project financing. This forum has been arranged by the ECCT’s Low Carbon Initiative (LCI), the EU Taiwan Center and TÜV Rheinland to share information and best international practices on green project financing based on experience from Europe.

Among other items on the agenda, speakers and panellists will share successful experiences from solar power plant projects, covering various aspects such as technology, investment and financing, and legal aspects of green energy investment and financial evaluation in order to reduce risks. The objective is to assist representatives from Taiwan's financial industry to gain a deeper understanding of successful solar industry cases and promote the adoption of the best international practices in Taiwan so as to create mutually beneficial development for both the financial and solar industries.



本次論壇由臺灣歐洲聯盟中心、歐洲在臺商務協會低碳倡議行動 LCI、德國萊因TÜV 共同主辦,就太陽能電廠在技術、投融資、法務面等不同層面分享如何做好綠能投融資評估,降低隱藏風險,盼以成功經驗協助台灣金融業者更深入瞭解太陽能產業,成就金融與產業雙贏新格局。

*This forum will be conducted in Chinese. 該論壇將以中文進行


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