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Pili puppet exhibition

On 21 February, the ECCT arranged a tour of the Pili puppet exhibition at Huashan Creative Park. At this special cultural event, around 20 members and guests were given a guided tour of the exhibition. The exhibition featured multiple exhibits of puppets, their paraphernalia (including costumes and weapons) film sets and multi-media displays. The tour included an introduction to Pili's history, the evolution of its puppets over the decades, their various colourful characters, how film sets are made and how stories are filmed. The tour ended with a screening of one of Pili's short films in 3D format.

Yunlin's Pili Company is a striking example of a pioneer of Taiwan's creative industry and multi-media experience. It is credited with ensuring the lasting popularity of hand-puppet theatre by bringing the art form to television over 50 years ago, at a time when there was very little television content.

Now the company is transforming its shows for the modern era with 3D film and online video games. Pili originally began by telling stories from Chinese literature but later began to create entirely original content (characters and stories) that blended legend, fantasy and action-packed Chinese kung-fu sequences. In order to attract a new generation of viewers, Pili has continued to make creative break-throughs by adding science fiction to the already colourful mix.

The company is also planning a big push into China and other international markets. While the stories draw on classical Chinese myth, legends and religion (Daoism and Buddhism), they explore universal themes such as the battle between good and evil, pride versus humility, courage in the face of adversity and of course romance. For this reason its characters and symbolism have far-reaching social and cultural ramifications.