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Asys Automatic Systems Co. Ltd
Headquarter Address:5F., No.23, Huaya 2nd Rd., Guishan Township, Taoyuan County 333, Taiwan
Business Type:Technology
Company Nationality:Germany
Company Profile:
ASYS Automatic Systems is a high-tech company specialising in automated atmospheric and vacuum-handling solutions for the semiconductor, LED and MEMS industries.  

ASYS has over 30 patents granted in those industries, positioning it as a market leader for specific applications.  

Klaus Hügler, who is also the majority shareholder, founded ASYS in 1989. The company’s headquarters is located in Schorndorf, in the economic region of Stuttgart, Germany.  

ASYS employs over 80 people, including more than 30 engineers and scientists.  

Core business processes such as design, product development, final assembly and quality control all take place in Schorndorf.  

Besides all the activities in Germany, ASYS also has a subsidiary operating in Poland. The Polish subsidiary provides additional assembly lines and is named ASYS Polska Sp.  

In 2012, a second subsidiary was established in Taiwan, and it is called ASYS Automatic Systems Co. Ltd. The purpose of this subsidiary is to bring sales & service operations to Taiwan and Asia in order to better reach major players in the regional semiconductor industry.  

To date, over 4000 robots have been sold to leading equipment manufacturers, and they are operated in factories around the world:
•Integrated into ASYS Micronicfabs
•Integrated into ASYS cluster tools or Platforms
•Integrated as OEM products in cleanroom automation    

亞矽自動系統(ASYS Automatic Systems) 1989年成立於德國,專為半導體、LED及微機電系統(MEMS)等高科技產業,提供真空(Vacuum)與非真空(Atmosphere)環境下的自動化解決方案。擁有超過30項半導體、LED及微機電系統(MEMS)相關專利,身為市場領導廠商,亞矽能為客戶帶來專業而精準的解決方案。  

亞矽由主要股東Klaus Hügler創立,總部設於德國斯圖加特 (Stuttgart)經濟區的紹恩多夫(Schorndorf),擁有80多位員工,其中有超過30位工程師與科學家。公司核心業務皆於紹恩多夫進行,包括產品研發設計、品質控管、最終裝配、行銷規劃等。亞矽在波蘭也設有子公司,並在當地設有名為ASYS Polska Sp的裝配生產線。

2012年在台灣成立第二間子公司「亞矽自動系統有限公司」(ASYS Automatic Systems Co. Ltd),期望將銷售與服務業務推廣到台灣和亞洲地區,並深入接觸當地半導體產業的主要廠商。  

• 整合至ASYS微型晶圓廠(Micronicfab)
• 整合至ASYS集束型設備或平台
• 整合為無塵室自動化中的OEM產品