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LCI New Member: TCI 大江生醫

The ECCT's Low Carbon Initiative proudly welcomes its first member from biotechnology industry: TCI to be the 58th member of the LCI!

TCI Co., Ltd. is the excellence of rising stars in biotechnology industry and sustainable manufacturing with over 1,150 employees worldwide and is a core partner of more than 350 brands across 54 countries. In collaboration with our clients and partners, TCI has created many best-selling products around the world over the past few decades. Every year, TCI produces hundreds of millions of dietary supplements such as tablets and capsules, tens of millions of bottles of functional drinks, and millions of facial masks and cosmetic serums. TCI’s products can be found in several dozen countries globally, joining and delighting the lives of hundreds of millions of people.

The momentum of industry advancement stems from the innovation of technology. Through our unique methodology, "Integrated Bioscience Design (IBD)", TCI integrates R&D, production and marketing into a cross-border service platform by a comprehensive innovative service model, exploring consumer needs from the industry overview, and combining cross-disciplinary expertise and technologies into the brand. In addition, TCI has developed the brand-new “Bio-resource Data Mining” technology which introduces the concept of automation into traditional R&D labs. The automated high-tech system speeds up the exploration of natural ingredients and double the efficiency of material development. These two methodologies help TCI develop high-performance products and shorten the time required from product development to launch for customers and fulfill TCI’s corporate mission: “Join & Delight Consumer’s Life”.

The courage of sustainability commitments originates from the resolve of confronting challenges of the future. TCI focuses on global environmental protection issues and the trend of circular economy and low-carbon transition, and explores the advantages of biotechnology industry to lead innovative sustainability strategies. TCI has become the first company in Taiwan (the first biotechnology company in Asia) who is named on the list of RE100 (RE100 is the initiative which accelerates the scale-up of 100% renewable power among global companies) and promises to use 100% renewable energy comprehensively by 2030. TCI also creates the new standard for establishing a new factory with green architecture, and has built “the first green facial mask factory” in the world with LEED Silver Certification. In combination with the EP100 commitment to improving energy efficiency, TCI aims to drive innovation that can benefit the planet and create new value.

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