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LCI New Member: Taiwan Mobile 台灣大哥大


Taiwan Mobile Co. (TWM), founded in February 1997, is a leading telecom operator providing mobile, fixed-line, cable TV and broadband services. As a forerunner in digital innovation, TWM is repositioning itself as a next-gen technology company that lead the next revolution in sectors of Telecommunications, Internet, Media & entertainment, and E-commerce (T.I.M.E.) by implementing “6C” strategies—Coverage, Convergence, Content, Channel, Cloud, and CSR. As the 5G communications era has dawned, TWM officially launched 5G Services on July 1, 2020. It also launched the rebranding initiative to reinvent itself into a company advocating the brand spirit of “Open Possible.”

TWM will propel its transformation into a regional enterprise by following the 5“G”+ guidelines —Gift, Group, Grit, Green, and GSEA, that is, TWM will leverage its in-house big data and massive user base (Gift), create more synergy with momo, AppWorks, Kbro, and the Fubon Group (Group), with sustainability in mind (Green), over a 10-to-15-year time horizon (Grit), to expand footholds in Southeast Asia (GESA).

Harnessing the Power of Connectivity and Technology

TWM continues to provide more popular services and experiences on its 5G platform and to expand toward more innovative applications and industries, so that users can experience the new applications enabled by 5G high-speed transmission anytime, anywhere. In particular, myVideo, MyMusic, and myBook are actively investing in quality content to grow and nurture the video industry. TWM has expanded into the gaming market and is collaborating with the Riot Games, Inc. to create a new business model for telecoms to serve as agents for video games. It also partnered with NVIDIA Corporation to build the "GeForce NOW" cloud-based gaming platform. Additionally, by collaborating with Formosa Plastics Transport Corp., TWM has expanded into industrial and commercial 5G automated driving to accelerate its positive impact beyond that of a typical 5G operator. In November 2021, TWM has become the exclusive telecommunications distributor of the highly anticipated streaming service -- Disney+.

On December 30, 2021, TWM has officially completed the signing of a merger agreement with Taiwan Star Telecom Corp. Ltd. (T Star), setting a new milestone for Taiwan’s telecom sector at a critical time for 5G development. TWM will emerge with a 100MHz spectrum of the 3.5GHz band, the most medium frequency bandwidth capacity in the industry. It will also have 11,000 3.5GHz 5G base stations that will provide high quality 5G service to 90% of the population and cover 95% of Taiwan’s communication traffic.

Leading the Way in Sustainability in Telcom

While TWM has retained its position as an innovative telecom in Taiwan, it also prides itself on shining in its ESG efforts. Ever since it joined the Global Enabling Sustainability Initiative (GeSI) in 2016, it has worked with ICT companies and organizations worldwide to achieve sustainability objectives. Adhering to its overarching principle of “Think Sustainably, Act Responsibly”, it further launched the project "Zetta Connected 2030" aligning with the 17 UN SDGs the next year. Its strong ESG performance has made TWM selected for inclusion in the 2021 DJSI World for the 5th year and rank first in the global telecom industry for a 2nd year in a row.

As we accelerate 5G development, TWM is especially committed to environmental governance. TWM has followed TCFD guidelines as the main framework for evaluating and managing corporate climate risk since 2018 and promoted five core strategies, of which "enhancing the ratio of green energy consumption" has been the top priority. Besides promoting in-house green energy power plants and purchasing green energy, TWM has also specified that 100% of energy consumption throughout the Company will be green by 2040. Additionally, TWM adopts science-based targets and reduce Scopes 1 and 2 emissions by 30% and Scope 3 emissions by 15% by 2030 compared with a 2019 baseline, while striving toward a goal of net-zero emissions.

TWM’s biggest goals in working toward the merger with T Star were to better integrate the 5G spectrum, make the deployment of base infrastructure for mobile communications more efficient, and take another step toward a low-carbon, sustainable future. Once this merger is completed, a 3G network and thousands of redundant 4G base stations will be eliminated, and those changes along with TWM’s smart, energy-saving systems will save 40 million kilowatt-hours in power consumption annually. Over the longer term, after T Star’s 5G network is taken out of service, annual power savings will reach 100 million to 200 million kWh, a substantial contribution to the mitigation of local electricity shortages and climate change. 

TWM is committed to offering enhanced customer experiences and improving people’s life with technology. Thus, looking ahead, TWM will further advance 5G technology and applications by leveraging thriving ecosystems, and meantime continue the healthy momentum of its subsidiary momo, the e-commerce giant. TWM is accelerating its business transformation while keeping its sustainability promises to help shape a brighter future.
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