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LCI New Member: Spanish Chamber of Commerce 西班牙商務辦事處

西班牙商務辦事處- 维基百科,自由的百科全书


The Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Taiwan was founded in 1982.

In fact, Spanish historical connection with the Formosa Island was much earlier, during the time known as the time of the "Great Explorations" or "The Age of Discovery", where Spain had an important exploratory role in the Pacific Ocean, and in particular in Asia- Pacific, a presence of more than 3 centuries in the Philippines. Because of this presence and the commercial and missionary activity developed with China and Japan, between 1626 and 1642 Spanish soldiers and missionaries were established in Formosa. Even if that was for a short period, archaeological remains from that time can still be found in Keelung and Tamsui.

Nowadays the most visible aspect of relations between Spain and Taiwan are bilateral trade activities, which in recent years have been gently growing and reached a global amount of 2.3 billion euros in 2021. Taiwan owns trade surplus and exports steel, computers and telecommunication equipment, as well as bicycles, motorcycles and their components to Spain. On the other hand, among other products Spain exports pharmaceuticals, chemicals, automobiles and their components, pork, ceramics and women's clothing to Taiwan.

The Spanish Chamber of Commerce based in Taipei is actively working to enrich economic, cultural and diverse exchanges between Spain and Taiwan, promoting activities as well as providing information and support to the initiatives of other actors.

Finally, we are also concerned about sustainability and climate change, as Spain is the second country in the EU in Renewable installed power capacity and number 8 in the world. In Taiwan we follow up closely the development of renewable energies, and have active participation inside the EU-Taiwan Working Group for Offshore wind. Therefore, we are glad to join the ECCT’s Low Carbon Initiative (LCI).