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LCI New Member: Nestlé Taiwan 台灣雀巢

Nestlé is the world’s largest food and beverage company, standing for “Good food, Good life”. Every day Nestlé touches billions of lives with over 2,000 brands across 187 countries around the world. Nestlé has three overarching 2030 ambitions to help achieve its purpose of unlocking the power of food to enhance quality of life for everyone, today and for generations to come.

  • For individuals and families, to help 50 million children lead healthier lives.
  • For our communities, to improve 30 million livelihoods in communities directly connected to our business activities.
  • For the planet, to strive for Zero environmental impact in our operations.

With nearly 40 years of cultivating our best in Taiwan, “One Nestle, One Life” has been identified as Nestlé local mission. Nestlé product portfolio in Taiwan covers Taiwanese health from the childhood to the elder generation, and even to pet’s health, with the commitment of taking care of all families’ and pets’ health throughout their lives.

Nestlé Taiwan act locally through continuous effort on social participation. In 2010, "Nestlé for healthier kids" program was introduced into Taiwan. Nestlé partnered with the local NGO, John Tung Foundation and carried out a long-term and comprehensive food nutrition education program for Taiwanese school children, which has affected more than 110,000 primary school students so far. The project won the 2018 Global Views Monthly CSR Award. As for sustainability, Nestlé Taiwan is currently transforming business to be more sustainable which is in line with its global commitment that 100% of its packaging is recyclable or reusable by 2025.
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雀巢是全球最大食品公司,提供人們「優質食品、美好生活」(Good Food, Good Life) 。雀巢旗下多達2,000多個品牌,遍及全球187個國家,走入數十億人的日常生活。雀巢立下2030三大願景,以支持並達成品牌宗旨:發掘食物的力量,提升每個個體的生活品質,不論是當下還是未來。2030三大願景包含:在個人與家庭方面,幫助5千萬兒童擁有更健康的生活;在社區方面,改善雀巢所在的社區中3千萬人生活;在永續方面,努力實現經濟活動對環境「零」衝擊。

雀巢深耕台灣近40年,我們以One Nestle, One Life為在地使命。在台灣,雀巢產品覆蓋從小到老、甚至是毛小孩的健康,致力照顧台灣家庭及毛小孩一輩子的健康。台灣雀巢持續投入社會參與,於2010年在台發起「雀巢健康兒童全球計畫」,攜手董氏基金會展開長期且全面的學童營養教育計畫,至今影響超過11萬名學童,深獲校園與各界肯定。該計畫榮獲2018《遠見雜誌》企業社會責任獎。在永續方面,台灣雀巢正積極採取措施邁向永續經營,致力達成雀巢全球目標,至2025年之前達成100%塑料包裝可回收及可再利用。