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LCI New Member: Macquarie Group 麥格理集團

The ECCT’s Low Carbon Initiative proudly welcomes Macquarie Group to be the first Australian member of the LCI.

Macquarie is a diversified financial group providing asset management and finance, banking, advisory and risk and capital solutions across debt, equity and commodities.

With a strong capital position and robust risk management framework, Macquarie supports the growth of the global green economy by making new green infrastructure investments and developing new projects across a broad range of technologies including onshore and offshore wind, solar, waste-to-energy, and energy efficiency/storage.

Macquarie has recently announced that it will undertake all future clean energy development work in Taiwan through its Macquarie Green Investment Group (GIG) platform. The GIG was acquired by Macquarie Group in 2017, creating one of Europe’s largest teams of dedicated green infrastructure investors. GIG is a specialist in green infrastructure principal investment, development, project delivery, and the management of portfolio assets, and related services. Its track record, expertise and capability make it a global leader in green investment, dedicated to supporting the growth of the global green economy.

Across the globe, GIG has supported 16 offshore wind projects, representing over 4.5 GW of operating capacity including almost 50% of the UK’s offshore wind capacity in operations or under construction. In Taiwan, GIG has a substantial and longstanding commitment to the renewable energy and clean technology sectors. The team is comprised of local and foreign expertise with technical and commercial talents including project directors, construction managers, WHSE experts, engineers, and PPA specialists. Together with our local development partners, we utilise best practice to deliver world leading projects which support Taiwan’s transition to a greener economy.

麥格理綠投資集團 (GIG) 是綠色基礎建設領域中從事本金投資、開發、專案交付、資產組合管理及提供其它相關服務的專家,其實績、專業及能力使其成為綠色投資的全球領導者,致力於協助全球綠色經濟成長。麥格理綠投資集團已支持超過16座離岸風電專案,於全球寫下4.5GW的發電量,其中英國離岸風電市場中,營運或在建中的發電容量有超過50%為麥格理綠投資集團所參與。在台灣,麥格理綠投資集團致力於對再生能源和潔淨能源領域的推動。 在台灣的團隊由本地和國外各領域的技術和商業專家組成,包括計畫總監、各工程領域經理、環安衛及PPA專家。 透過與本地的發展合作夥伴攜手,採用最佳實踐來交付世界領先的計畫,以支持台灣邁向綠色經濟的發展。

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