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LCI New Member: Gandi is a world leading domain name registrar and cloud hosting provider with offices in Europe, U.S. and Asia. Gandi is contributing to ecological, ethical, and environmental activities while at the same time supporting projects and associations that shares its values.

Internet related activities use up a lot of energy due to the increased demand of computing and networking hardware. Gandi operates its own servers and is committed to cut down its carbon footprint and innovate new green solutions.

Gandi is also proud to be able to lend its technical, financial, and human support to many projects that help to advance ecological projects such as the WWF, Sea Shepherd and Code the Change.

As of August 2019, Gandi supports over 750 domain name extensions (such as COM, TW, SG, NET, ORG) and manages over 2.5 million domain names for its customers.

Finally, Gandi's Corporate product helps medium to large sized businesses to optimize and better organize their domain name portfolios. Gandi's assistance to have the right naming strategy helps to consolidate registrations, optimize cost and have better resource utilization.

More information about Gandi's Corporate product can be found at