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LCI New Member: Gaius Automotive Inc. 蓋亞汽車股份有限公司

Gaius Automotive Inc has been focused on providing intelligent e-mobility solutions for logistics fleet customers. We believe electrification of vehicles is one of the ways to make the world better and cleaner. As more and more logistics vehicles are put on the roads for longer hours because of the rapid growth of e-commerce and the delivery demands, by electrifying logistics vehicles we can immediately improve the quality of life in cities.
By leveraging our strong R&D capabilities, we aim to be the most reliable partner for logistics customers in helping them to improve operational efficiency, to reduce waste and to provide better service to their customers. That’s why we designed our first product, Rapide 3, to solve many of the problems associated with 21st century urban logistics.
Rapide 3, is equipped with a large cargo box that carries up to 1000L or 200 kg of payload and capable of cruising at speeds up to 90km/h to meet customers’ demands for faster deliveries. Rapide 3’s unique 35-degree tilting system allows the vehicle to safely tilt into turns for optimal traction, maneuverability and balance even with a full load and at high speeds. The vehicle is designed to be both highly functional and durable and a pleasure to ride.
Gaius’ patented smart charging system ensures that all vehicles in a large fleet are fully charged on time. The system monitors the parking site’s energy capacity and sends alerts to fleet managers when there is abnormality during charging. A comprehensive fleet management system is also available to provide information such as up-to-the-minute location, daily energy consumption, and maintenance and repair status of every Rapide 3 in the fleet.

Featuring a large capacity and payload; a tilting system that enables a short turning radius while maintaining stability and balance even at high speeds; and a smart charging system backed up with fleet management solutions, Rapide 3 will be the smart and efficient addition to fleet customers.

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